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Silk Dragon Salsa Book Cover Silk Dragon Salsa
Kai Gracen Series
Rhys Ford
Urban Fantasy, m/m
Dreamspinner Press
July 14, 2020

Silk Dragon Salsa

SoCalGov Stalker Kai Gracen always knew Death walked in his shadow. Enough people told him that, including his human mentor, Dempsey. Problem was, the old man never told him what to do when Death eventually caught up.

Where Tanic, his elfin father and the Wild Hunt Master of the Unsidhe Court, brought Kai pain and suffering, Dempsey gave him focus and a will to live or at least until everything unraveled. Now caught in a web of old lies and half-truths, Kai is torn between the human and elfin world, unsure of who he is anymore. Left with a hollowness he can’t fill, Kai aches to find solace in the one elfin he trusts, a Sidhe Lord named Ryder but he has unfinished business with Dempsey’s estranged brother, a man who’d long ago swore off anything to do with the feral elfin child Dempsey dragged up from the gutter.

Reeling from past betrayals, Kai searches for Dempsey’s brother, hoping to do right by the man saved him while trying to keep one step ahead of the death haunting his every step. Kai never thought he’d find love or happiness as a Stalker but when Death comes knocking at his door, Kai discovers a fierce need to live life to the fullest — even if that means turning his back on people he calls family.


And welcome back to my world of dragons, intrigue, hot guns, fast cars and a grumpy, slightly anti-social Chimera of a Sidhe and an Unsidhe who really only wants to hunt monsters and go home to his probably carnivorous cat. My name is Rhys Ford and I’ll be your guide today as on July 14th,I’ll take you back to the Kai Gracen series for Book Four — Silk Dragon Salsa.

If you’re following the blog tour from the beginning, you can skip this bit and head to the serialized part of the story but if this is your first time with me, let me ramble a bit about my grouchy special kitten, Kai. I’ve used the past three books to set up his relationships and world and kind of settling him for what should have been a changing environment. He’s never really had a lot of contact with the elfin and never really wanted any. Ryder, the Lord of the Southern Rise Court, blew into Kai’s life like a hurricane with a grudge and Kai’s had to not only learn how to get along with the man but also adjust to the fact the elfin are in his life to stay. Not something Kai ever wanted. He was raised by humans, thinks of himself as human, and was pretty happy about it.

Then his world changed and he was dragged kicking and screaming and probably stabbing into a bit of elfin affairs even as he knew it would probably be the death of him.

And in Silk Dragon Salsa, I really turn his world upside down.

It was a long time coming and Kai, in his true quick-on-his-feet fashion, knows he must change with it. Because the Merged world is going forward — with or without his approval — and this time, he has a chance for a bit of happiness, if he can find it in the chaos storm hunting him down in Silk Dragon Salsa.

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Silk Dragon Salsa Information and Purchase Links

Kai’s fourth book is being published by Dreamspinner Press and I’ve had the fantastic honour of working with Chris McGrath again for its cover. Chris is a fantastic artist and he totally captured the feel of the book in this cover. I am so very grateful for his contributions in bringing Kai to life.

AND Greg Tremblay will once again bring his talent and gorgeous voice to breathing life and mayhem into Kai’s world as he narrates — nay, acts — Silk Dragon Salsa. I’ll be announcing the audiobook’s release date once I have it so watch my social media for further details.

Silk Dragon Salsa can be purchased at Dreamspinner Press, Amazon and other fine online ebook retailers.

Dreamspinner Link:

Universal Amazon Link:

And now… for License to Stalk, A Kai Gracen Short Story

Part Two

“Boy, go sit over on that side,” Jonas gestured towards the other side of the fire. “Because you smell worse than a five-headed dead chicken stuck in a black dog’s guts. How long ago did you say you hit up that coal snake for those bits?”

“Three days ago,” Dempsey spat into the flames, getting rid of whatever piece of bone he found in the bite he’d taken. “I’ve been making him sit in the back of the truck

The flames flared up, either grateful for the tribute or perhaps his saliva was so caustic the fire took it as an attack. Either way, the sparks from the flames curled up and over me as I shifted seats, keeping a close eye on Dempsey’s boot in case he decided to plant it on my ass. I wouldn’t put it past him. Especially after hearing him complain all the way out of the Dakotas.

“Normally he smells like a cinnamon bun. That stench kind of takes you back. There’s some vinegar in my stores along with some of that soap the women made me to bathe in after doing a hard run. Go see if that works to get some of that off.” Jonas nodded towards the heavy-duty Ranger he’d brought up from SoCal. “And wash your clothes with it too.”

“Already burned the ones he went in with,” Dempsey grumbled. “Getting expensive to keep clothes and boots on him. We’ve got to get him on the rolls or cut him loose. Eating up too much of the money coming in without putting his own on the table.”

It was an old refrain, one I’d heard him sing countless times before. He chewed on the problem of me being a deadweight to him until he was blue in the face, but we both knew I did the parts of the job he never wanted to touch. Carving me off would mean he’d have to dive into dragon shit or drive on rut-filled roads looking for bounties without someone to relieve him. His bones were getting too old for long distance treks, and I couldn’t remember the last time he went up a tree to scope out where a herd of nightmares were resting in the canyons.

The lye soap didn’t smell so bad and the vinegar gallon was mostly full. I hefted the bar of soap, the plastic container and one of Jonas’ spare towels into my arms then headed over to the mostly still pond we’d set up camp at. With the moons hanging ripe in the sky and no nearby cities or town, the sky was a bright splash of colours, a rainbow swirl of stars and wispy, milky clouds touched with silver and red moonlight bands. It was nearly as bright as an overcast day at dusk, and I stripped quickly, bracing myself for the cold chill of the water I was about to plunge into. The fire was mostly to cook our meal, but I’d be glad for it once I finished scrubbing down. Gritting my teeth, I stuck my foot into the slow moving current and instantly regretted it, feeling its icy touch up my thighs before it grabbed my balls to twist them up into my hollow.

Then, I heard Dempsey say something that wiped the thought of coal dragon shit, lye soap, and the frigid caress of the stream right out of my mind.

“Maybe it’s time to get him a license,” he rumbled, the Irish rasp of his voice carrying towards me, as hot as the flames he was poking with a long stick. “Not like I’m going to live forever and it’s time. Both of us working a run can bring in twice as much money if we’re both on the books.”

“One problem with that, Demps.” Jonas’ slow molasses tones usually soothed any prickles I might have but this time, they stung nearly as much as the water I was about to wade into. “Boy’s not human and as far as I know, they’re not going to let some cat bastard wear a badge and carry a gun.”

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Author info:

Rhys Ford is an award-winning author with several long-running LGBT+ mystery, thriller, paranormal, and urban fantasy series and is a two-time LAMBDA finalist with her Murder and Mayhem novels. She is also a 2017 Gold and Silver Medal winner in the Florida Authors and Publishers President’s Book Awards for her novels Ink and Shadows and Hanging the Stars. She is published by Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications.

She’s also quite skeptical about bios without a dash of something personal and really, who doesn’t mention their cats, dog and cars in a bio? She shares the house with Harley, a grey tuxedo with a flower on her face, Badger, a disgruntled alley cat who isn’t sure living inside is a step up the social ladder as well as a ginger cairn terrorist named Gus. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird and enjoys murdering make-believe people.

Rhys can be found at the following locations:



Facebook Group: Coffee, Cats, and Murder


For more information and to keep track of his upcoming releases, visit Greg Tremblay.


45 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Silk Dragon Salsa by Rhys Ford

  1. Kai is my brother from another species! I don’t fit anywhere either. Sometimes you just have to celebrate your youness!

  2. Kai is my precious little cinnamon roll…but I would have to say Newt is probs my favorite in the books~

  3. Newt is the best!!
    Dragons are good too but Newt gets all the feels


  4. I thoroughly enjoy reading about Kai’s adventures – especially his interactions with both Newt as well as the dragons, they are always memorable and make me smile.

  5. I love this series so much! I adore Kai in all of his grouchy, grumbly glory. But I have to agree with the crowd…dragons are always awesome!

  6. Poor Kai…hope the soap removes the stinky coal dragon poop smell. My favorite creature is Newt.
    j dot stonewright at gmail dot com

  7. Great part two, poor Kai I hope the smell wears off soon.

    shirleyann2400(at) gmail (dot) com

  8. I love Kai’s cat. But I guess it was another story where the cat was also a mini shape shifter? Or did I dream that?

  9. Yup I have to with many here…dragons for the win! Why such fascination & adoration for a creature that would happily know our bones? It’s a mystery but I love them! lol ????

  10. Kai is probably my favorite but by far it has to be Ryder. For turning his back on how he was raised and for accepting Kai as his, treating him equally and never accepting no because he knows that Kai is his and sidhe needs him just as much as Kai needs the sidhe.

  11. ….does Kai count as a creature?

    Otherwise, the rainbow fish!

    I LOVE this series! And, YAY! Greg Tremblay! AWESOME! I cannot wait!

  12. I think Newt has to be my favourite, purely because he’s dangerous but less so than the other hybrids Kai comes across. Loving this look into Kai’s beginnings.

  13. I’m so excited for more adventures that I can’t wait to read this more than once, just like all the other books in the series!!! Team Kai for the win!

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