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RELEASE DAY August 7, 2024 Kaje Harper Magic Escaping


Magic Escaping


I didn’t think two cars slowing down behind me as I jogged along our country road were a problem. I’m just an ordinary third-grade teacher. Well, also a sorcerer, but I don’t really use my powers. Even when my familiar, Sunny, said, “I don’t like this,” and winged off to fetch my boyfriend, I wasn’t really expecting trouble. But then guys with guns jumped out and “arrested” me. Now I’m locked in a prison hours away from home, my magic is suppressed by a blocking bracelet, and they laugh when I ask to see a lawyer. Scary stuff, but Sunny’s no ordinary bird and Jason will never stop trying to find me. I just hope they arrive in time. I just hope they arrive…


As a small-town firefighter, I’ve had my share of terrifying moments, but watching Alan be grabbed and driven off in an unmarked car is high on that list. Especially when the agency that supposedly arrested him tells our lawyer they’ve never heard of Alan and have no idea where he is. That’s not an arrest, it’s an abduction.

I’m no superhero and Alan’s friends are two Healers, an elderly and confused sorcerer, and a small bird. But we’re not going to just sit around and let anything happen to the man we all love. And in a stroke of luck, Errante Ame’s Carnival of Mysteries has appeared again. If Errante’s willing to help us, we’ll have a far better chance of rescuing Alan. But if the Carnival’s here, with its power and wild magic, that also means the stakes may be higher than any of us realized.

This sequel to Magic Burning features a kidnapped schoolteacher, a furious boyfriend, a mouthy bird, and a desperate mission to save far more than just one man.

Content warnings for abduction, violence, and loss of a secondary character.

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