DUAL REVIEW: Borderland – F.E. Feeley Jr. and Jamie Fessenden

Borderland Book Cover Borderland
F.E. Feeley Jr. Jamie Fessenden
MM Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller, Ghosts
Beaten Track Publishing
June 1, 2020

They were young.
In the prime of life and recently married.
And then the diagnosis came.

George and Jason make arrangements to travel back to George’s home state of Vermont so he may pass away in the town where he grew up, but a terrible storm diverts the couple into the gates of an out-of-the-way hotel called Borderland.

Sure, the employees are well dressed and polite. Sure, the food and entertainment are old-time fare. But it’s all a schtick, right?

Or is there something far more sinister at work here?

Welcome to the Borderland Hotel, where you may check in, but you’ll never, ever leave.


She Said – Melissa Brus

She Said – Gloria Lakritz


Reviewed by Melissa Brus
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

If this is what a story becomes when FE Feeley and Jamie Fessenden collaborate, then sign me up for more. These two have put together an amazing combination of mystery, thriller, and horror, and then intertwined within all of that darkness, is a sweet, poignant romance that will stick with you long after “the end”.

George and Jason as a couple will definitely win over your heart. Their story immediately drew me into the narrative and kept me on the edge of my seat until the wee hours of the morning. I did not expect the emotional connection to this story. Somehow between the twists and turns, the authors managed to really dig into my heart.

Like the main couple, the Borderland hotel is much more than it seems. Without giving away details, pay attention to all of the side characters. Because they end up being no side characters….they are all critical to the narrative and hold surprising revelations of their own.

I definitely recommend this story to romance fans, horror fans, and paranormal fans. It is a great addition to any book lover’s library.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Chair of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

It was with great expectation I awaited this book…..I am a longtime follower of these two authors and expected nothing less than perfection….I received it hands down!!

Borderland has many components, the hotel itself, its mystery, the secrets, and the guests themselves. Jason and George’s part in this story only add to the humanness and subtlety of the paranormal and horror. The story bridges all genres, for fans of the macabre; along with an integral love story.

I have always surmised F E Feeley and Stephen King were brothers from another mother, so seeing this on Amazon as Coming Soon I was ecstatic. To not give anything away, I can only say it is a DO NOT MISS read.

Feeley’s joining with Jamie Fessenden was a magical choice. I hope they collaborate again!

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