Dual Review: Scent of Betrayal – Denise Carbo

Scent of Betrayal Book Cover Scent of Betrayal
Shifters of Rishard Book 2
Denise Carbo
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
August 5, 2019

Dual Review!

Scent of Betrayal (Shifters of Rishard Book 2) By Denise Carbo

Reviewers: She Said – Linda Tonis / He Said – Douglas C. Meeks

Wolf shifter, Davis Campbell is on a mission. His job is to babysit a woman from a rival clan. He believes all he has to do is get her back to Scotland. What he doesn’t figure on is her possibly being his mate.

Bethany Leitner, an owl shifter, has been betrayed, attacked, framed, and left for dead. Trust in herself and others is hard to find. So when her self-appointed guardian begins to bark orders, she is ready to show her talons.

She Said – Linda Tonis:

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to begin this review by saying that I did not read the first book in the series “Bloodlines” and know for a fact that I probably missed out on a lot of things pertaining to the Rishard shifters and their history. This book picks up from the first book and so I definitely recommend beginning with book one so that you have a better understanding of what occurred before.

As I stated before I did not read the first book but I did get a good idea of what preceded this one especially what happened with Bethany Leitner an owl shifter from a rival clan. I learned about her brother a traitor and murderer who tried to murder her and did murder one of the North American clan members. Now that she has been cleared of any and all responsibility for what her brother did she is ready to return to her clan in Glasgow only for her protection she will be going with a guard, Davis Campbell, a wolf shifter who volunteered for the job. Since setting eyes on her he hasn’t been able to get her out of his mind and is pretty sure that the little owl shifter is his mate.

As one of the ruling family of the Euro clan and having already been poisoned and left for dead Davis has no doubt that her life could be in further jeopardy. There is presently a battle going on within her clan about who will be the new leader, her cousin Aaron is taking responsibility for ruling insisting he was the one chosen as a member of the ruling family but he is being opposed by Advisor Gregor Heyes who feels that Aaron is not leader material something that Bethany agrees with.

Now she is caught between the two men who want control and someone is doing whatever they can to make sure she doesn’t cause any trouble. If not for her constant guardian, Davis she would have been in serious trouble and only by pure accident did the poison meant for her go to her best friend all because her friend was trying to get off coffee and was offered Bethany’s tea. Both Bethany and Davis know that they are mates but neither of them are willing to leave their clans so sealing their bond is not something Davis is willing to take.

What happens between Davis and Bethany, and who eventually becomes ruler is not for me to say but it is definitely something you should find out for yourself. There are surprises and the person responsible is finally revealed.

He Said – Douglas C. Meeks:

Reviewed by: Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I gave this book 4 Stars for a great story but at the same time almost feel like pull one back for TSTL actions of the heroine, too much time spent being stupid because our main couple would not talk to each other, and then a buildup to an ending that landed with a THUD (since I am a confirmed revenge junkie that is more of a personal thing)

We really have a good couple with Bethany and Davis but their relationship was a bit of a stumbling and bumbling thing that finally worked out for the good and a host of characters that did not always act as you thought they would.

The title gives you a good idea of what a lot of this story is about and it did make for a bit of stressful reading but at the end of the day I loved the story in spite of any shortcomings and other than an ending that made my inner revenge junkie scream in rage it was a great story all around.

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