Fall Through Spring – Amy Lane

Fall Through Spring Book Cover Fall Through Spring
Winter Ball Series
Amy Lane
MM Contemporary Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 3, 2019

A Winter Ball Novel
As far as Clay Carpenter is concerned, his abusive relationship with food is the best thing he’s got going. When a good friend starts kicking his ass into gear, Clay is forced to reexamine everything he learned about food and love—and that’s right when he meets troubled graduate student, Dane Hayes.

Dane Hayes doesn’t do the whole monogamy thing, but the minute he meets Clay Carpenter, he’s doing the friend thing in spades. The snarky, scruffy bastard not only gets Dane's wacky sense of humor, he also accepts the things Dane can’t control—like the bipolar disorder Dane has been trying to manage for the past six years.

Dane is hoping for more than friendship, and Clay is looking at him with longing that isn't platonic. They’re both positive they’re bad at relationships, but with the help of forbidden desserts and new medication regimens, they prove outstanding at being with each other. But can they turn their friendship into the love neither of them has dared to hope for?

Reviewed by Melissa Brus, member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

In the Winter Ball series, Amy Lane has taken a ragtag group of guys who get together on a recreation league soccer team and created a family. This is what Amy Lane does best. She creates these families of characters that grab us by the heartstrings and pulls us along as they figure out their lives and find love.

This is the third book in this series and she made me want to take Dane Hayes and Clay Carpenter home and hug them. These broken men find out that their broken pieces seem to magically fit with the other, if only they can learn to trust it. Both of these men are so lovable and neither feels worthy of being loved. Their struggle to get to a safe place with each other is easier than they expect.

The support of their soccer family, especially when faced with challenges from their actual families, makes all the difference. This is a quick read but is packed with all the emotional punches you have come to expect from Ms Lane. Treat yourself to an afternoon in your favorite spot and dive in to this beautiful story.

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