Holiday REVIEW: Father F’in’ Christmas- A Minded Story- R.L. Merrill

Father F'in' Christmas
A Minded Story
R.L. Merrill
Holiday Fiction. Ghost Fiction, Christmas
Celie Bay Publications LLC;
Aug 13, 2017

Fans of Minded and Blossomed will enjoy seeing one of Louis's early solo Interventions in this wacky and sweet new tale from the afterlife.

When deceased firefighter Tommy Quintana wakes up in a gymnasium and is told he suffers from Death Denial Syndrome, he knows the one thing he must do in order to move on: mind his wife, Kimberly. Assigned to work with Intervention Specialist Louis Sheffield, he soon learns that he has much more to make up for than he thought as his widow is literally dying of a broken heart. With the help of a 1980s-era punk rocker, a gargoyle, and an alley cat, Tommy will attempt a friggin' Christmas miracle to save her.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Tommy Quintana was a fireman in New York and after an accident became a drunk. Now Tommy is sitting in a gymnasium with other men discussing how they died, yes Tommy is now a dead, drunk fireman. It took a while before his soul accepted the fact that he was dead and now that he has his worry is for his wife, Kimberly. In addition to learning he is dead he is further shocked when he discovers it was five years ago. The last year before his death and when his drinking got very bad, he totally lacked as a husband now he wants to ensure she has a good life.

Along with his Intervention Specialist Louis they try to find a way to manipulate Kimberly into a life that would be happy. She is wasting away, not taking care of herself and work and her cats are all she has. When Louis goes into her place of work asking about adopting a cat, he is able to manipulate her into confessing her feelings, she admits to missing sex and her dream man is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

She has no idea that a knock on her door will bring her face-to-face with The Rock, and the funny part is he was a rock, a gargoyle to be exact.

Year after year a gargoyle sits on a roof watching the people in the apartments across from him, he can’t move but he feels and when he looks in Kimberly’s window, he sees her in the bathtub, and he is mesmerized by her. Like Kimberly he gets a visit this time from Tommy offering him a Christmas miracle something he was allowed to offer. The gargoyle wishes to be a human man and wants to make an in person visit to the woman he keeps seeing from afar.

Kimberly is not that shocked about The Rock standing outside her door, and she is ready to take him into her bed. Unable to introduce himself as The Rock, he gives himself the name Garth Stone. Kimberly and Garth’s Christmas wishes were a huge success and Garth doesn’t want it to end and Kimberly refuses to see him again.

Once was all she wanted and now she was back to the grieving widow neglecting her life while still mourning her ex-husband. Louis makes a deal with Garth that if he can get Kimberly to love him by Christmas Eve, he will be human forever and hopefully have a positive outcome on Kimberly’s future.

What happens between Kimberly and Garth is not for me to reveal but I couldn’t put the book down until I got the answer. I must admit that there were times I could not connect with Kimberly a woman who after five years as a widow refuses to accept the chance at a HEA. She surrounds herself with cats, lots and lots of cats. If she gave Garth a chance, she would come to realize that he can talk to them and they can talk to him, well they do a lot of threatening and yelling and it was a hoot.

This was a perfect Christmas story, a gargoyle and a widow and their Christmas miracles.

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