Author Interview with Rebecca Rivard

Tempted: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate) Book Cover Tempted: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate)
The Vampire Syndicate
Rebecca Rivard
Paranormal Vampire Romance, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
Wild Hearts Press
June 24, 2022

Author Interview with Rebecca Rivard

Interview by Sherry Perkins

Rebecca Rivard grew up reading romance, fantasy and scifi–a hobby that ultimately led her “down the dark and twisty path to steamy paranormal romance.” We’re only too thankful it did because she writes about the kinds of dark and sexy vampires we love to read about, and she makes her characters earn their happily ever after endings!

1. Once upon a time, you’d said that you’d read far too many romance novels as a teenager. First, is that even possible? In any event, it led you down the twisted path of paranormal romance writing and we’re thankful for that! Who was your favorite author back then and why?

Actually, I was devourer of books and read everything from fantasy to sci-fi to romance to lit fic. And let’s not forget comic books!

As for romance, you’re absolutely right; like chocolate, we can never have too much romance! However, I didn’t really have a favorite author—I went through my mom’s Harlequin romances like candy, though. Those books, combined with the fantasy and sci-fi that were my dad’s favorites, eventually led me down the dark and twisty path to steamy paranormal romance.

2. Your tagline, sex and suspense and everything you could wish for, combines the three things most paranormal romance readers crave. Does “everything you wish for” always come with a cost–at least in your novels?

Ooh, great question! And yes, my characters absolutely have to work for their HEA, fighting both external forces like the fae antagonists in my Fada Shapeshifter series and Slayers, Inc. in my Vampire Syndicate novels.

3. The Vampire Syndicate Romances, how did you come up with the idea for them and how did the stories develop as your writing career progressed? Is there anything you would have done differently? In other words, what did you learn about the crafting of a novel or even about the characters and the situations they find themselves in?

When I started the Vampire Syndicate series, I had already written two books in the Vampire Blood Courtesans Series, a shared world with stories by multiple authors. I LOVED writing about dark and sexy vampires, and wanted to start my own series.

I’m always looking to put my own spin on tropes, and one day it hit me—vampires and
mafia!—and the Vampire Syndicate was born.

By this time, I had also published ten or so Fada Shapeshifter books (as well as a number of unpublished novels), so I had a pretty good handle on how to craft a story. The challenge I set myself with the Vampire Syndicate was to write a trilogy with an overarching story arc. In other words, the main characters in each book get their HEA by the end of the novel, but the larger story arc isn’t wrapped up until the trilogy concludes. (BTW, it was harder than I expected it to be. I had to keep track of characters, timelines, who knew what when. NOT one of my favorite tasks, lol.)

So, in the Dark Angel Trilogy, we meet three syndicate princes and learn that one of them has been kidnapped. The why, where and how of the kidnapping—and how to save the brother’s life—drives much of the action as the trilogy unfolds. At the same time we meet Mila, who’s on the run from the Kral Vampire Syndicate, and the former lover of the oldest brother.

4. Many readers judge a book by its cover. Do you work with a specific cover artist? Is it a 100% collaborative effort or do you know exactly how you want a cover to appear?

For the Vampire Syndicate, Jacqueline Sweet created the main covers, and ArtsCanDare did a box set of the Dark Angel Trilogy (which I hope to offer as part of a Kickstarter in the next few months). With Jacqueline, she generally sends me an idea and I respond, so it’s definitely a collaborative effort.

I’m a writer, not an artist, so I’m always eager to see what my cover artists come up with. I look for a gut reaction—does it make me want to know more? Does the cover say “sexy paranormal romance”? If the answer is yes, I go with it.

5. So many awards…congrats on having readers and authors recognize your work! The most recent award was the coveted RONE award. What does that mean for you personally and professionally? What’s next for you?

Thank you so much! It was such an honor to win the RONE for Craved (Vampire Syndicate, Book 2). I’m still humming!

As for what it means to me—personally, you get that zing of knowing people loved your book. And professionally, I believe winning an award like the RONE or the PRISM can lead to increased sales and professional opportunities.

What’s next? Tempted, a free prequel to my Vampire Syndicate Series, came out in June; and I’m finishing up the first draft of Fallen, which will kick off a second Vampire Syndicate. I had a couple of side characters from the previous books who I loved, and they were nudging me to tell their story, so…



Here’s an excerpt from my most recent publication, Tempted: A Vampire Syndicate Romance. NOTE: Tempted is a free prequel to the Vampire Syndicate Series.

And yes, I wrote the Vampire Syndicate Dark Angel Trilogy first, then went back and wrote the prequel. It’s not the first time I’ve done that, either, lol.

In this scene, Mila has unknowingly trespassed on lands owned by the Kral Vampire Syndicate.

Gabriel prowled toward me through the last golden light.

Dark. Unsmiling. And wicked beautiful in a black T-shirt and jeans that hugged his hard body in all the right places.

From the Chesapeake came the distant whine of a motorboat. A few hundred feet away, Black Oak Manor brooded on the clifftop like something out of an Edgar Allan Poe story.

A story Gabriel Kral could’ve easily been the hero of…or maybe the villain.

Up close, he was even better looking, with long-lidded green eyes and peaked black brows. Like Ian Somerhalder and Michele Morrone had somehow combined their genes into a single fallen-angel of a man.

For the first few minutes, I barely knew what I was saying. My mind worked overtime,
wondering how to extricate myself. I gripped the straps of my backpack, my muscles tense, my body ready to run like hell.

But he didn’t seem to be a danger to me. He seemed curious, actually.

I relaxed a bit. Because I was curious, too…and insanely attracted.

I recognized his last name, of course. But I didn’t connect it to the Kral Vampire Syndicate. To be honest, it never even occurred to me. Back then, the Krals were still doing their best to fly under the radar.

And besides, everyone knows vampires can’t take sunlight, and Gabriel was standing smack in the center of a golden beam.

All I knew was that he was a member of the snooty rich family who kept to themselves and made sure no one stepped a toe on their precious property.

We introduced ourselves, and his fingers closed around mine, cool and firm. A flare of heat went up my arm.

Suddenly, I seemed surrounded by him. Captured, even though the only part of me he touched was my hand.

His thumb stroked suggestively over my palm, and my lungs locked. Something warm and liquid slid through my lower belly…



USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard read way too many romances as a teenager, little realizing she was actually preparing for a career. She now spends her days with dark shifters, vampires, fae, and other magical creatures.
InD’Tale Magazine calls her work, “Steamy, spellbinding romance with phenomenal pacing,” and the Paranormal Romance Guild says, “There is sex and suspense and everything you could hope for in a shifter book. I can’t wait for more!”
Six of her novels have received the coveted Crowned Heart Review from InD’Tale Magazine, and the Fada Shapeshifter Series was chosen Best Shifter Series in the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Awards. Her books have also won the RONE, the PRISM, and PRG’s Reviewers Choice Award.


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  1. Excellent interview!!! love Rebecca Rivard!! The vampire Syndicate is one of my fave vampire series and I can’t wait for book 4 The Fallen.💕💋😉

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