NEW RELEAE- REVIEW: Twisted PRIDE-Twisted Tales Anthology Series- TL Travis

Genie"s Boy Part of Twisted Tales Anthology Book Cover Genie"s Boy Part of Twisted Tales Anthology
Daddies Pride
TL Travis, Multi Authors
Anthology, Gay Erotcia Fantasy
Red Hot Romance Inc
June 28, 2024
554 pages


There's more than one kind of happily ever after...

Once upon a time, the prince realized he didn't want the princess. He wanted his own Prince Charming.

From princes falling in love to the Snow Queen's heart finally melting for her princess, in these six smoking hot tales, happily ever after comes in every color of the rainbow.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When Raj was a young boy, he witnessed his mother and father being killed because they stole a bread. Genie (an actual genie) visited the parents the night before they were to be executed and they asked him to watch over their little boy, a promise he made and kept.

Genie watched over Raj ensuring he always had food and clothes and a roof over his head. He also made sure he had a job. Year after year Genie watched as Raj grew into a man and his feelings turned from protector to love. He loved Raj with all his heart, but Raj was an innocent shunned by the village because of his parents and ignorant about love and sex.

Genie and his lamp were under control of the Maharajah, a cruel man who cared for nothing or nobody but himself. Genie must obey him until he uses his last wish which he has no intention of doing. Raj is aware of being watched and followed and finally gets up the courage to approach Genie as to what he wants. Imagine what a shock it is when Genie reveals his love and who and what he is.

Not able to do anything about the villagers and their treatment, not that he cared after they shunned his love for the acts of his parents, but he showers Raj with love. Raj wants for nothing and soon after so many lonely days and nights he accepts that he is loved. Genie wants a Daddy boy relationship and when Raj calls him Daddy his wish comes true.

Unfortunately, Genie is still under the Maharajah’s control and the control of the lamp but that doesn’t stop him from showing Raj the world. For thousands of years Genie has been a prisoner of the lamp but the fates who imprisoned him have done nothing to end his misery.

Raj and Genie are madly in love but not free to bask in it. Genie is always on call and fears that if he takes Raj to a magical place and is called by the Maharajah, Raj will wind up accompanying him which would surely end in his death.

This was a sweet story and Genie and Raj were wonderful characters. Despite all his powers of magic there are some things that Genie is unable to do, i.e. harm the Maharajah or change his and Raj’s circumstances.

A magical lamp that controls Genie and a young man who has known nothing, but loneliness and fear fall in love but is it a love that can survive, that is something you will have to discover for yourself.

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