New Release REVIEW : Christmas Together – Partners Book #2 – Jamie Lynn Miller

Christmas Together Book Cover Christmas Together
Partners Book #2
Jamie Lynn Miller
Military, Romance, Gay Romance, LGBTQ Fiction
Dec 8, 2022

Snowflakes and spies and mistletoe, oh my!

It’s been five months since British Intelligence agents Liam Bancroft and Colin Mason found the courage to weather the emotional storm of painful, long-buried secrets and confess their love for one another.

As their first Christmas together approaches, they want nothing more than to return to the idyllic English countryside and the cottage that has come to mean so much to them.

But the road there is fraught with obstacles. They must navigate the aftermath of finally revealing their relationship to family and the intelligence service, and an undercover operation that puts Liam’s life in jeopardy.

Will it take a Christmas miracle to bring Colin and Liam together for the holiday?

(This novel is a sequel to Stronger Together, but can be read as a standalone holiday book)

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Liam Bancroft and Colin Mason have known and worked together for years. Being in the Military in the mid 70’s, being gay was a deep dark kept secret. It was especially unthought of in their line of work. They are partners and the top team under their command. It was 6 months ago that Liam finally broke down and admitted to ‘in the closet’ Colin that Liam was in love with him. You need not have read Book #1 in the series Stronger Together to enjoy this story, but I would say you would also find this wonderful as the author keeps you up to date.

We open in this second book with the two now have been keeping their relationship quiet and really are getting frustrated not being able to be their true selves. Deciding they had enough money to leave their jobs if necessary and possibly join a different private firm they slowly started opening up to Collins sister.

When that went well it was SecTen their boss at British Secret Intelligence. They were in the middle of a very large mission they were the leads on. By the way Commander Lockwood’s eyebrows rose at their words, he said he would have to make sure this didn’t interfere with their work or decision making. This is so much to ask of two people in love.

I just love how each one of these men treat each other, and regard each other’s feelings. Jamie Lee Miller continues to create believable people, but took me and this story on a completely different path from just a sweet corny Christmas story. The mega operation went sideways and the fear and the pain emanating from the pages made my heart clench…..Don’t want to spoil your reading pleasure so I will say no more.

As always the countryside at Colin’s families cabin is breath taking winter or summer and the small town feel for this city girl is the best…..Have an eggnog or your drink of choice , turn on some Christmas music and relax and read this beauty….Father Christmas is watching you


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