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Grigori Book Cover Grigori
Circle of Assassins Book # 5
Ann Gimpel
Paranormal Werewolves, Shifters, Witches, Wizards, Thriller, Suspense,
Ann Gimpel LLC
Jan 17, 2023

I like things neat, so shoot me. Or poison me. Or run me through with a broadsword. Doesn’t matter how you try to end me, werewolves are immortal.

Back to liking things neat…I’ve been killing forever, both as a wolf and as a man. The assassin trade has always been lucrative, and a few hundred years back, a much simpler affair. No DNA tests. No sophisticated crime labs. I didn’t have to plan the way I do today to avoid detection.

Not that it would matter if I were apprehended. I’d just vanish to a borderworld for a while and resurface once the heat died down. Mostly, I deal with supernatural enemies these days. Keeps things cleaner.

But this book isn’t about today. It’s about long ago. I’ve done my damnedest to instill pride and standards into the assassin trade. And bond animals. Their principles definitely add class to the mix.

Building the Circle was an uphill battle. I almost gave up more times than I can count, but nothing worthwhile comes easy. The Circle of Assassins became my life’s work. Didn’t plan it that way, but life happens. Life, bloodthirsty mages, and the bond animals who adore them.

Author note: This book can be read as a standalone, but for the best experience, you might want to read the first four books in this series either before or after this one.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the final book in this series but the first one I read. Although I might have missed out on some important details concerning this series it in no way impacted my enjoyment of this book. Whatever transpired in the first four books I am happy that I got to be there for the end.

For those who have read this series from the beginning you are aware of the Circle of Assassins but now we go back to the past and how it came to be. Grigori is a mage, and werewolf shifter who has worked as an assassin for many monarchs and now he is the assassin for the King of Scotland, James, a ruler with little regard for his people or those who work for him. He uses Grigori to get rid of those who endanger him or who he just wants gone. When he is attacked by vampires, he wants Grigori to avenge him, and the price Grigori wants this time is the Inverness Castle. Grigori is not someone to cross and when James decides to do just that he would live to regret it.

Grigori wants to form a guild, a guild consisting of mages and their animal bond mates working together instead of alone. Assassins are loners and each desires control, and those mages must bonded with a magical animal. But trust and agreeing to make decisions as a group may be a hard sell. He is determined to have Inverness Castle as headquarters for the guild and a place for those who need a place to rest or recuperate. The first decision when all agree to his idea is to name themselves the Circle of Assassins and the first thing Grigori wants is to free other werewolves he has learned are being held prisoner. There aren’t many werewolves so finding and rescuing those in trouble is what he wants and what the others joining are ready to do.

Grigori is determined to put an end to assassins who are inept and that is the main reason for the Circle of Assassins. The first group of mages all have bond mates so that puts them one step ahead, unicorn, werewolves, dragon and others, Grigori and the other werewolves already are bonded with their other half. It doesn’t take long before everyone realizes that sharing ideas and being a part of a group all working and making decisions together is a benefit to all.

There is violence, demons, vampires, mages, dragons, a unicorn and fae, secrets, surprises, lies and betrayals. Uniting assassins makes me think of the mafia, who knows maybe the mafia is a group of supernatural’s, kidding.

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