New Release REVIEW : Malicious Malts – Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book #27 – Mildred Abbott

Malicious Malts Book Cover Malicious Malts
Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book #27
Mildred Abbott
Cozy Mystery, Women's Fiction, Mystery
Nov 15, 2022

Old-fashioned malts, delicious waffle cones, and… poison.

Among the new businesses on Elkhorn Avenue, Doc’s Apothecary and Soda Shoppe adds a touch of yesteryear charm to the cozy Colorado mountain town of Estes Park. And while the delicious malts might be tempting, the owner is a childhood friend who elicits ambivalent emotions in Fred. To Watson, however, Donna Day is as good as any fancy treat… maybe even better!

The grand opening of Doc’s is an event that draws a mixed crowd—almost as eclectic as the ice cream flavors—that includes Fred’s closest friends and family along with others who… well, might not have Fred’s best interests at heart. A poisoning in the middle of the celebrations, and in the midst of an angry conversation, dampens the mood. Fred might want nothing more than several dirty chais, Katie’s pastries, and to curl up in the mystery room of the Cozy Corgi Bookstore and Bakery, but murder just can’t be ignored.

Following this trail leads Fred and Watson down a twisting ominous path into the past, where old secrets and dangerous connections bring consequences… for friends and enemies.

(This culinary cozy mystery includes a recipe for poison-free butter pecan ice cream.)

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Malicious Malts ##27 in the Mildred Abbott Cozy Mystery Series was a double barreled mystery event !!! I almost read this book in less hours than my kindle reported hours ….It was not a word skipped…. But quite a page turner!!

Donna Day, Winifred’s best friend is ready to open her new shop with a huge Grand Opening. Winifred is still having multiple emotions as to how to treat her love for this old friend from the past and the pain of how they lost touch. So she and Katie went together since their plus ones were going to be late from their jobs.

Everyone who was anyone in Estes Park would show their faces for the new business. Doc’s Apothecary and Soda Shoppe was packed with all the usual suspects we all know including Donna’s sister (who shall remain nameless) and Fred’s ex husband Garrett.

I must say as I mentioned originally we solved a double mystery in this storyline. Yes one was a murder, and the other was a secret our author finally revealed as the secondary story. So let’s talk murder and of course it started at Doc’s grand opening. Winifred and Katie were seated at a four top with friends passing by. The ‘rich and elite table’ sat Ethel Beaker, Carla Beaker and her husband who is Ethel’s son. Rhonda Biggler stopped there from the Chipmunk Gazette Newspaper, and Fred’s ex husband Garrett and his wife were there too

So without a thought, Winifred found Garrett waiting outside the restrooms and while waiting their turn Garrett was eating a sundae and started choking having a seizure. When the ambulance left and Fred and Leo walked to their car in the almost empty lot, our fearless Corgi started growling at the car next to hers. Bingo dead body!!!!

Oh my goodness …..This was soooooo good…..Waiting for #28…….Maybe our Baker and her Beau will have a wedding soon

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