New Release- REVIEW: My Vampire Weekend- Shane K. Morton

A Vampire Weekend Book Cover A Vampire Weekend
Shane K Morton
Paranormal Vampire Romance, LGBTQ Fantasy, Vampire Romance
April 12, 2024
A man who sees the future
A vampire stuck in the past
To escape their past and have a future- they must first survive their present!

Hudson - My vacation turned into a nightmare the moment I had a vision of what awaited me. I’d hoped for a relaxing time with my best friend, Bennie. But fate had other plans. A lifeless body on the California Coast signaled the start of a chilling mystery. And when I met my captivating next-door neighbor, I couldn't deny the magnetic pull between us, despite discovering that he was no ordinary man. (Visions, remember?) Our attraction could lead to our undoing, but I couldn't resist his dangerous allure.

Florent- The drained body was a grim reminder of the dangers lurking in Boggy Bay. As a vampire navigating a world that now posed a threat to our existence, I understood the risks of getting involved with humans. Yet, Hudson's presence stirred emotions I thought long buried. His ability as a seer only heightened the peril of our connection. I should have stayed away, but he called to me like a siren's song. Little did I know that loving him would awaken a past that jeopardized everything we held dear.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Hudson Humphrey is on the way for a month vacation at a beach house with his best friend Bennie. Hudson and Bennie are total opposites, where Hudson likes quiet Bennie loves to party, where Hudson is a loner Bennie never met a stranger who didn’t instantly become his friend.

Hudson has visions and while closing in on the beach house he has one where a dead boy is found on the beach where they are staying. Not the start of his vacation, he hoped for, and he knew that he would find the body. His visions always come true just like he knew this one would.

The first day they arrived and went for a short walk they discovered the body and met their neighbors Florent and Armie. They were two gorgeous men and of course, Bennie already had dibs on Armie while Hudson couldn’t imagine a man as handsome of Florent ever having an interest in him.

It doesn’t take long before Hudson learns the truth about Florent and Armie. They are vampires but do not require feeding from humans since the discovery of a synthetic drink that gives them everything they need. They can also walk in the sun thanks to a lotion that protects their skin for hours. Vampires now can stay away from humans, increasing their survival rate.

Florent can’t understand his total attraction to Hudson and his need to protect him and understands his gift of sight. The dead boy was missing most of his blood and Florent dismisses the obvious, that it was a vampire. While Hudson finds himself falling head over heels for Florent the feeling is mutual, Bennie and Armie are also feeling a bond.

When Hudson is almost attacked by a creature, an attack he had already seen in his vision along with Florent saving him, there is no doubt that he is in danger. The arrival of Florent’s maker Nicolas cements the fact that there is trouble brewing and the two humans and their vampire boyfriends are in the line of fire.

A war is brewing, and Hudson is one of the main characters for this war, he is a seer and much in demand. There is no HEA, only HFN and the end is just the beginning.

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