New Release-REVIEW: Teas’d-Evergreen Council – Vin George

TEAS'D Book Cover TEAS'D
Evergreen Council
Vin George
Short Read- Paranormal, Gay Romance, Vampire
Little Storm Press
May 25, 2024

Don’t play games with a vampire unless you’re prepared to lose.

Playing pranks on his three-hundred-year-old vampire sire wasn’t Charley’s brightest idea. Now Dalziel has set him a task.
Charley is stuck with a night’s worth of brain-twisting clues and his own company until he solves them all. Not even Luc can help!
Charley wants to win, but can he ever really lose? His mate is waiting for him regardless, ready to rock his world.

An Evergreen Council novella, pitting a preoccupied father against his chaotic son, with smiles, curses, and insights into both men’s lives when the biggest adventure is living well.

Review by Jay Mountney
Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

A lovely novella set after Fang’d and Claw’d. The book is a lighthearted account of a task Dalziel sets for Charlie. He has to solve riddles to succeed and may not seek help.

The story acts to add to the development and understanding of the main characters – Dalziel, Pavel, and Eleanor as well as Charlie and Luc. As such, it is a delight for those already invested in the series. It could, I think, be read as a standalone, since the various relationships are explained in the course of the story, but obviously readers will get a lot more from it if they read the first two volumes first. I am looking forward to the third main novel in the series and found this novella a satisfying read while we wait! There is no angst or drama; this is character exploration at its finest. The writing is assured and Charlie is even more endearing than usual.

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