New Release REVIEW : The Mystery of the Spirits – (Snow & Winter Book 5)- C.S. Poe

The Mystery of the Spirits Book Cover The Mystery of the Spirits
Snow and Winter Book #5
C.S, Poe
Gay Romance,, LGBTQ Mystery
Emporium Press
Dec 30, 2021

Antique dealer Sebastian Snow and Homicide detective Calvin Winter have been happily married for a year and a half. In that time, there’s been nary a mystery in sight, and for a recovering sleuth like Sebastian, an uneventful life is exactly what he needs.

That is, until Calvin’s lieutenant enters the Emporium and demands insight on a bizarre object known as a spiritoscope, hailing from the early days of the Spiritualism movement. Sebastian’s extensive knowledge of Victorian curiosities leads him to consulting for the NYPD—putting him at odds with his husband. And as the bodies begin to stack up, so do the seemingly dead-end clues, which if Sebastian can’t make sense of, might result in a whole lot more death.

Mystery, murder, and marriage… Sebastian’s back.

Review By Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Happy 2o22

OMG a Magical Gift

Readers of the Snow and Winter series were gifted this year to an extra reading treat. We said goodbye to the series at Book #4; thrilled and ecstatic Ms. Poe gifted us with #5…..Of course it was so wonderful to see Calvin and Sebastian again.

This new adventure I enjoyed two fold. One was the mystery to solve, and secondly the growth of Sebastian.

We have always had by the book Calvin the cop, and Sebastian the snarky, nebishy introvert that can spout innocuous information off the top of his head. Yet I always felt he felt lesser. In this story he showed a more distinct side. Sebastian Snow is getting his grove now, more sure of himself in life and in marriage.

The Mystery was a cornucopia of trial and error taking us thru the summer’s hot NYC streets. (If you have never been to NYC in the summer you could never understand)

This gift Ms. Poe was as always wonderful. I hope you think us eligible for another!

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