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Under The Gun Book Cover Under The Gun
Accidentally Undercover Series Book #2
Cari Z
Action, Adventure, Romance, Gay Romance
April 2, 2024

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Life is plenty exciting for Joey Cole. Everything that isn’t his day job revolves around having fun, but “fun” becomes complicated when Joey’s latest side gig turns into a gunfight between the handsy billionaire he’s working for and the ex-boyfriend who broke his heart and who’s now…smuggling drugs?
Turns out that Adam, Joey’s ex, is a spy for His Majesty’s government, and that Joey has fallen into a sting operation meant to take his shady employer down. Joey and Adam are hounded by assassins as they escape to a safe house in England, home to the woman who introduced Joey to Adam in the first place—his grandmother.
Who, it turns out, is also a spy. Huh, no wonder she made him get so good at untying knots with his hands tied behind his back.
Joey and Adam rekindle the romance that burned between them, but Adam is still a spy—he’s not his own man, and he’ll certainly never belong to Joey. The safest thing would be to break it off before Adam breaks his heart again…but the way they’re being hunted, safe is out of the question, and love may mean the difference between life and death.
Under the Gun is part of the Accidentally Undercover shared romantic suspense series.

Review by Maryann
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Joseph “Joey” Cole is in paradise, vacationing on the largest island, Mahe, Seychelles. He’s had three days of relaxation and four more to go. He’s been employed as an Archivist for a year, by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Joey is enthusiastic about his job, as he believes in the act of preservation. There are artifacts and items worth preserving for future generations. He’s borrowed expensive equipment, with Melanie’s approval, a 3D Art Scanner and tripod. He’s put the equipment to some good use as he takes a shot of a Nephila Inaurata, a giant spider to send to Melanie. The 3-D scanning would provide a digital copy of items that will last forever.

At the age of fourteen, Joey lost his parents. He was taken in by his Grandmother, Camille Van Cleese. The relationship grew to be estranged. One of the things he did pick up from his Grandmother was to be observant. Joey took care of himself, a trust from his parents, got a college education while working and never took a hand out. His Grandmother and someone he thought loved him, left him with the feeling that no one cared about him.

Joey has made a choice a little too late, to make his vacation a working one. He has flown half way around the world cataloguing art works. His next client is Emile Dagorov. Dagorov owns a Mesolithic Sculpture collection to be catalogued. Is it really worth the price, as he has to put up with the flirty and handsy Dagorov. Joey just want’s to get done and get out, but Dagorov tells him he has a special friend he want’s Joey to meet. Maybe when the guest shows up Joey can sneak out. When he’s introduced to Dagorov’s friend, it takes Joey back ten years. Joey is enraged when he seem Adam Pierce and clobbers him!

Now, Joey and MI6 Adam Pierce, are on the run from Emile Dagorov, the Russian arms and drug dealer. In making their escape Joey has left, the expensive 3D equipment behind, his personal belongings, and his passport. Even when they think they’re safe, danger and death can come at any time. Adam has one option and that’s to take Joey to a safe house. When they arrive Joey comes face to face with Camille Van Cleese, his Grandmother.

Joey will learn of his Grandmother’s secrets and her relationship with her daughter, Joey’s mother, Yva. Will Joey accept all he learns? Will he also be able to trust Adam again? Is there anyway to defeat the dangerous Emile Dagorov?

“Under the Gun” by Cari Z is a smashingly exciting story! Cari Z knows how to write a complex plot, with characters that are just as complex. For a quick read the author has brought: fast paced action and danger to the story that makes it a page-turner. The characters are fleshed out very well and each ones situation is explained thoroughly.

The author brings those heartfelt moments to this fantastic spy tale. Joey and his Grandmother having heart to heart talks about her life and what took place with his Mother Yva. He will also have to face his true feelings about Adam, as Adam reveals his feelings.

I highly suggest, “Under the Gun” from the “Accidentally Undercover” six book, stand alone, series. As always Cari Z never fails to deliver her best!

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