RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: A Champion’s Rescue- Champion’s Grove #2- Kelly Abell

A Champion’s Rescue Book Cover A Champion’s Rescue
Champion’s Grove #2
Kelly Abell
Romance, Contemporary Romance, British and Irish Fiction
WorldCastle Publications
June 4, 2024

When Connie Champion’s dream is within reach, she has to go for it, right? But leaving her family behind to go on a USO tour overseas is one big scary step. But take it she does and soon finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of long rehearsals, international travel, and the chance to sing in front of thousands of soldiers–and tour with the infamous Trevor Thornton, country music’s hottest star. She’s loving it! Everything seems perfect until her brother, Bishop, announces his engagement to Darbi, the nanny. After seeing them together, Connie longs to ditch her solitary life and find her own true love.
One scary step leads to another, and, in a blink, Connie goes from zero romances to two–and a shot at stardom. Sven Christensen is what every girl dreams of–a financially stable, handsome, and dependable man. Logan Richards is troubled, exciting, and a bit of a bad boy. Not to mention, she’s attracted the attention of the hottest country singer to boot. When circumstances turn a bit dicey on the tour, where will Connie’s loyalties fall? Who will win her heart and come to this Champion’s rescue?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

If you read book one “Champion’s Heart” then you are aware of Connie Champion’s dream of joining the USO. Since the age of sixteen since her brother’s wife died after giving birth to triplets, she has been their caregiver since Bishop put all his time and effort into running the ranch leaving his children in the background.

Connie put a plan in motion to assure she could sign a one-year contract with the USO, a plan that involved hiring a nanny and a plan that brought love back into Bishop’s life. Now it is her chance to fulfill her dream of being a professional singer.

Sven, a family friend and the lawyer for the ranch, has loved Connie since they were kids but never verbalized his feelings. Now with Connie going away for months at a time he decides to tell her that he loves her and let the chips fall where they may. Connie had loved Sven for years but never thought of it in a romantic way until he confessed his feelings for her. They agree to give it time, but Connie’s fear is a long-distance romance and her dream of being a singer may be more than he is willing to handle.

On the tour she meets one of the security guards, Logan Richards a man she can tell has a problem and then she meets Trevor Thornton a popular country star joining the tour who after hearing her sing wants her to join him. Trevor can give her the fame she so desperately wants, and Logan is a man she feels an attraction to. Now she questions what her feelings are for Sven.

She loves singing for the troops and their response to her is overwhelming. She is called an angel, her voice bringing tears to those who listen to her, and Trevor Thornton sees dollar signs when he considers having her join his next tour. She is about to get a rude awakening when it comes to the behind the scenes of stardom, and it is not always pretty as Trevor will prove to her.

We follow Connie on her tour and her relationship with Sven and where it will lead. We also follow as Darbi and Bishop prepare for their wedding and Dusty a friend and social worker tries to get Quinton, Bishop’s partner and horse trainer to see her as more than a little sister.

All the characters from book one and their trials and tribulations are a fun read and Quinton and Dusty’s story is next, and I can’t wait. If you have not read book one “A Champion’s Heart” then I recommend starting there. This is a series that follows those from Champion’s Grove and each book is filled with love and sometimes sadness, true to the reality of real life.

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