RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Dragged to the Wedding- Andrew Grey

Dragged to the Wedding Book Cover Dragged to the Wedding
Andrew Grey
Gay Romance, Gay and Lesbian, LGBTQ Fiction, Gay Romantic Comedy
Carina Adores
Oct 17th 2023

The Wedding Date meets The Birdcage in this laugh-out-loud gay romantic comedy from Andrew Grey

He’s here to slay…but will he stay?

James Petika is living the single gay life he always wanted. A police officer in Chicago, he has a good job, good friends—and he’s two thousand miles away from his family’s expectations. He also has a problem: he needs a date for his sister’s wedding in Missoula, Montana, but his family has no idea that he’s gay, and he’d like to keep it that way.

The solution? Daniel Bonafonte aka Lala Traviata, the queen of the Chicago drag scene. Lala is the real thing: she can sing, she can dance—and she can throw more shade than a solar eclipse. One drink and plenty of dishing later, Daniel agrees to help James out and be his incognito date to the wedding.

Daniel’s drag-diva skills are put to the test right away, with the bride’s ill-fitting wedding dress, a groom who’s a danger on the dance floor and more drama than auditions for a gay men's chorus. Faking this relationship—and ignoring the very real feelings developing between them—might just be the performance of their lives.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

James Petika a police officer in Chicago who has faced gunfights, robberies and the usual problems that police officers face but now he is facing his worst fear, his family. James called his friend Randy for help, his sister is getting married, and his mother wants him to bring a date, a woman, only he is gay. He will be spending six days in Montana helping with the preparations for the wedding until it is over so what is he to do.

There is no woman James can call on for help and how does he act as if the woman is his girlfriend. Randy to the rescue, he has a woman who will fit the bill. When he is introduced to Daniella, he finds himself attracted to the beautiful woman, being attracted to a woman is something he has never experienced now he is wondering if he really is gay. Then, the drag show begins, and the star of the show Lala Traviata is none other than Daniella, yup that was one question answered he is gay.

With no other choice James brings Daniella to his sister’s wedding and hopes that no one notices that she is a he. James loves his family, but his mother is a woman who even though her children are all grown can’t stay out of their business. She has made his sister’s wedding plans a disaster; a dress much too big, the hymn for the church is changed, the Reverend is someone she finds creepy and the programs that she printed are no more thanks to mommy dearest.

Everybody is thrilled with Daniella because she fits right in, she fixes the wedding gown, changes the wedding plans and the programs but unfortunately, they are stuck with the creepy reverend. The one problem is that James’ mom doesn’t believe in sharing a bed unless you are married, and she insists that Daniella share a room with his sister which is a definite no, no. A little back and forth with mom it is decided that Daniella and James will share the same room.

Everybody is undergoing a lot of stress, one problem after another to solve and Daniella is worth her weight in gold. Things are finally coming together until the worst thing happens and I am not going to reveal what it is, but it is a humdinger and there is no simple solution. In the meantime, James is falling for Daniel (Daniella) and his mom is pushing them to get married, told you she is a meddling pain.

The wedding day is coming close, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, rehearsal and all the preparations to celebrate before the wedding day. But at one dinner everything comes crashing down thanks to a man who gave no concern to what his actions would do to the family and the wedding party.

I honestly don’t know how James and his siblings can keep from throwing pots and pans at mommy, she has a tapestry hanging in the kitchen, mom’s ten commandments, which I won’t list but I have no doubt when you read this book and read the commandments you will get a laugh out of it.

I am a huge fan of Andrew Grey and have read many, many of his books but this book is another side of him, fun, the biggest problems are all related to a wedding and typical family squabbles. Love this book and I am begging Mr. Grey to please, please write more books like this, romance, sex, and just dealing with family during a stressful time.

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