RELEASE DAY – REVIEW: Fire and Ermine -Carlisle Troopers Book #3- Andrew Grey

Fire and Ermine Book Cover Fire and Ermine
Carlisle Troopers Book #3
Andrew Grey
Gay Romance, Romance in Uniform, Gay Fiction
Dreamspinner Press
Sept 19, 2023

When Prince Reynard escapes his gilded cage, he runs as fast as he can in search of a taste of freedom. Predictably, he gets pulled over.

State Trooper Fisher Bronson doesn’t know the handsome stranger in the rental car, but he does know the guy was driving way too fast. Still, Fisher takes to protect and serve seriously, so he helps Reynard find a hotel for the night.

Then the hotel catches fire.

Apparently Reynard hasn’t covered his tracks as well as he thought. But is it paparazzi on his tail, or someone much more deadly? Either way, when Fisher offers him a room for the night, he’s grateful for the refuge.

Reynard is generous and kind, but Fisher knows he’s hiding something. Finally Reynard confesses the truth: as prince of Veronia, his life is structured and ordered for him, but as Reynard, in Carlisle with Fisher, he has the freedom to become a person he actually likes. To Reynard's surprise, Fisher likes him back—not for his title, but for the man he is. But duty, family expectations, and whoever is after Reynard could spell the end of their relationship before they get past once upon a traffic stop.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Franz Reynard San Luis who uses the name Reynard is the Prince of Veronia doing his duty as the spare to the heir, his brother Albert. His entire life is mapped out for him, what to wear, how to behave, and follow strict royal protocol. Even his personal life is decided by what is considered proper although it has been accepted that he is gay. All he wants is to be himself for a little while, go where he wants, do what he wants and wear what he wants without anyone knowing he is royalty.

Unfortunately, being a Prince is hard to just push aside, if he speeds while driving it is overlooked but he is now in Carlisle, Pennsylvania being stopped by a Trooper. Seems some things are hard to ignore. The trooper is Fisher Bronson, a rookie who notices that Reynard has Diplomatic Immunity meaning giving him a ticket would only cause problems. No ticket but his car won’t start, just one more problem to aid to his growing list.

Fisher comes to his rescue by driving him to a hotel which leads to another problem, he enters his room to discover the hotel is on fire. He was fortunate to be able to help others get out but stood by when they all were able to obtain rooms in other facilities, leaving him with his replacement car in a spot he cannot access. Fisher comes to the rescue once again and offers him the guest room in his and his grandmother’s home.

It didn’t take long before the two men were totally drawn to each other in fact they didn’t fight their attraction and wound up in bed together on the first night. When Reynard leaves, knowing that his little escape would not last long, he finds himself being followed and he goes running to his rescuer Fisher.

Fisher has no idea he is with a prince, so he is skeptical about why someone would be following Reynard. The truth is finally revealed shocking both to Fisher and his grandmother a woman who takes no prisoners.

While in hiding Reynard’s disappearance has made the news but he isn’t ready to give up his freedom yet. Then a trip to an amusement park lets the cat out of the bag and hiding is no longer possible. Reynard and Fisher’s feelings for each other have gone from zero to a hundred but a future seems totally impossible. Two men from totally different worlds are pulled apart by their duties, Reynard is a royal and Fisher has his grandmother to consider.

When they are apart it is torture for them so with his grandmother’s encouragement Fisher goes to Veronia to see Reynard and if there is a chance for them. When Fisher stepped in the door of the castle, he realized that having a relationship was a pipe dream it is as if he is on an alien planet, afraid to break something or say the wrong thing, but he is a man who says what he means and apparently the Queen finds him refreshing.

Another wonderful book by Mr. Grey and almost a fairy tale, a Prince falls in love with a Trooper from Carlisle, Pennsylvania but is this going to be a HEA. Like most people I always dreamed of what it would be like to be treated like royalty, but it is not all it is cracked up to be. As always Andrew Grey shows the reality of what seems like a perfect life has its own set of problems. Who am I kidding I wouldn’t say no to a test run lol.

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