Release Day- REVIEW: Freefall- Dragons of Ardaine Bk #3- Roe Horvat

Freefall Book Cover Freefall
Dragons of Ardaine Bk #3
Roe Horvat
Paranormal Werewolf/Shifter, Dragons, Gay Romance
Nov 24, 2023

When his parents try to coerce him into a marriage with an obnoxious, snobbish alpha, Ansel escapes to his granddad’s off-grid cabin. There he can gather the courage to make some tough decisions. After an unusually stormy night, Ansel ventures out to investigate the damage, and finds…a dragon. An actual, live dragon that crashed into the forest. Ansel fully expects to become the beast’s breakfast. Instead, the creature politely greets him before transforming into a naked man and inviting himself over for tea.
At almost forty, Pascal would like to think he’s not reckless anymore. But when he goes flying without checking the weather first, and crashes during a storm, dislocates a shoulder, sprains a wing, and lets a human omega see him in dragon form, he realizes he’s made a colossal mess. To top it off, his dragon-side decides that the little omega must be his mate. A nineteen-year-old sophomore! It’s pure luck that Ansel doesn’t study at the college where Pascal teaches, or he wouldn’t be allowed to even look at him.
A young dragon mate before his first heat is a fragile being, and Pascal needs to tread carefully. Overbearing parents and an evil ex are going to be the least of his problems.
Freefall is the third book in the Dragons of Ardaine series. The slow-burn age-gap romance features a protective dragon shifter, his sweet mate, and a satisfying HEA.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Becoming huge fan of Roe Horvat began reading the first book he released. His MM books were steamy and very well written. He has now become a lover of the Omegaverse genre, with Alpha and Omegas and that results in male pregnancy.

This newest series has moved to Dragon Shifters and this is Book #3. We open at a party. Valentin Lyon is rich, handsome, and does all the right things in his wealthy circle. Tonight he is celebrating with his very rich boyfriend Ansel’s for his 19th birthday. Ansel’s entire heritage is in the room they are in, with his father as host, hoping Valentin will propose to Ansel.

Ansel is feeling trepidation, he really does not feel close enough to Valentin to marry. He is reminded that his beloved grandad Augustus the black sheep of the family, had left him his cabin. He had taken Ansel to the mountain cabin for weekends, telling him stories of dragons, and fairies and goblins.

When Valentin asked him to marry that evening, he started to shake, sick to his stomach and replied he needed time, of course making Valentin very angry. His father was even more annoyed and made Ansel send a note by phone that his father was sending him away for the next week since school was on break to have him rest and he would see him then. Ansel thought Grandpa’s cabin was a perfect place to go to escape for awhile and not have to answer Valentin. Dad said absolutely not. He took wild measures and snuck up to the cabin. He texted His Papa’s he was not where they made reservations for him that he would see them in a week.

The cabin was deserted for two years, but still made him feel good. He decided he could not marry Valentin and he would stay up there, relax and go home Friday.

Pascal Pembroke was a Professor at the local college. He had one dragon shifter friend on campus who knew he was one too. The school campus was closing for the week and they were having a drink, and talking about a student hitting on him that afternoon. Pascal complained. His friend listened. Since it was vacation, he decided to drive to Cross River National Park to fly. It would steady his nerves.

On that very stormy night, Ansel ventures out on the property after hiding in his sleeping bag, to check for damage. The rain has ended and the fog is low. As he waked he saw tons of damage to the trees that were fine the day before. then he saw the Wing, then a clawed foot, then maybe a 15 foot tail…..oh Wow, a Dragon…..I found a Dragon.

This story is a beginning for the over 40 professor to find his fated mate…Was Ansel it?…..Uggh he as only 19…..Roe keeps us on our toes with much serious sex, and another wonderful story…..And all his stories have an HEA



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