Release Day REVIEW: Guarding Leah – Brotherhood Protectors World – Team Wolf Book #5 – Regan Black

Guarding Leah - Brotherhood Protectors World Book Cover Guarding Leah - Brotherhood Protectors World
Brotherhood Protectors World - Team Wolf Book #5
Regan Black
Western Romance, Military Romance, Thriller
Twisted Page Press, LLC
Oct 18, 2022

Some battles don’t have a winner--only survivors.

Wade Fielding turned tragedy into a career--going up against man and nature as a search and rescue specialist with the 10th Mountain Division. He and his team have saved countless lives through the years, yet the scars on his heart remain.

For Wade, joining the Brotherhood Protectors of West Yellowstone means a fresh start in brand new territory with unexpected challenges, both natural and man-made.

So why does the camaraderie leave him feeling more alone than ever?

When Leah Williams, a local wolf researcher, goes missing during a storm, Wade is tasked with her rescue. The trail leads him to a nearly-frozen woman who refuses to come in from the cold, despite the gunman trying to kill her to guard dangerous secrets.

Wade is fascinated by Leah’s determination to save wild wolves from an illegal breeder creating hybrids for an elusive buyer. Her courage and passion ignite his protective instincts as well as an unprecedented desire.

To rescue the wolves essential to the natural order and the captivating woman he’s falling for, Wade will push himself to the brink.

This time, he vows to do more than survive.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Leah Williams is working undercover for the Guardian Agency usually guarding humans but this assignment is one she is very invested in; someone is stealing wolves and breeding hybrids. Her parents a veterinarian and Ecology professor have instilled in her the need to protect healthy predators like wolves essential for balance within every ecosystem. She was studying to be a veterinarian but something she refuses to discuss put an end to that dream. Now being in Yellowstone National Park finding the people responsible for killing and capturing the wolves she feels vindicated and happy.

Checking on a dead wolf she sees what appears to be a trail which she is sure will lead to the guilty parties so she ignores the fact that a snow storm is putting her in danger. She is convinced that this is the chance to get information necessary to stop the thieves and she is right. Not only does she find them but they begin shooting at her. Now with everything covered in snow and freezing cold she finds a place to hide but not without losing her gun and phone. Snow, no gun and no phone still does not deter this stubborn, determined woman.

Wade Fielding and his team, including Justice a man who he considers his brother work for Brotherhood Protectors and he is assigned to find Leah who according to the members of her team has disappeared with no word. Search and rescue are what Wade is trained for and he goes to the last place Leah was heard from and with supplies and an ATV he is off in search of a woman he cannot understand staying behind in search of stolen wolves. His first instinct is that she must be in on the thefts until he meets her and realizes she is crazy determined to risk life and limb to save these wolves.

Wade tries to get Leah to go back to headquarters and regroup but he might as well be talking to a tree, she is not budging. Taking shelter in a park ranger station supplies are dropped in by Justice in his helicopter and he hasn’t any better luck then Wade in getting Leah to leave. After seeing how much Leah cares for the stolen wolves and how badly she wants to save them he decides to join her and find the guilty men and the one who dared to shoot at Leah.

As Leah and Wade follow the men and the wolves their feelings go from partners to something much deeper and personal. Every step is fraught with danger but they make a great team, a team that both secretly hopes will continue into the future. Wade’s team members have found their soulmates can Wade and Leah live long enough to find theirs.

Suspense, and tracking through Yellowstone made this book impossible to put down, so I didn’t. Romance, sex, suspense and secrets all I could want in a book.

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