RELEASE DAY REVIEW : Healing Kiss- Amanda Uhl

Healing Kiss Book Cover Healing Kiss
Amanda Uhl
Psychic Romance, Billionaire Romance, Romantic Suspense
Amanda Uhl LLC
April 27, 2023

o save her dying sister...
Lillian Milano channels energy from the healthy to heal the sick, which makes her an incredible nurse. But her gift puts Lillian and those she loves in danger from an organization that will stop at nothing to exploit her talent. When her sister becomes gravely ill, wealthy computer genius Tristan King is the one man with enough vitality to save her sister’s life. But being near him threatens to expose her secrets and destroy the walls she’s built around her heart.

She bargains with a billionaire.
Tristan doesn’t believe in the supernatural and is wary of emotional entanglements. But his beloved mother is dying, and his lying ex-fiancée won’t leave him alone, so he strikes a deal: In exchange for his help, Lillian must pose as his date for a hospital fundraiser. As the pair work together to save their loved ones, they confront a spiraling web of secrets that threatens their growing feelings for each other. The choices they make will either destroy their lives or heal their hearts.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book is more than just a contemporary romance, it also has a supernatural element to it. Lillian Milano is a healer like her mother, and she has been in hiding for two years since her mother’s death. Now she is Zoey Mills and disguised she stays away from her sister Hannah and her dad for both their safety and her own. Kinetica is an underground organization intent on creating more healers by taking healthy people and injecting them with deadly viruses and forcing healers to cure them, which is what they did to Lillian’s mom.

When Lillian discovers her sister is dying from a deadly virus she doesn’t hesitate to go to her side and attempt to heal her hoping she is able to keep Kinetica from discovering her. Unfortunately, for Lillian to be able to heal Hannah she needs to take energy from someone, but a hospital is the last place to find energetic people. Luck is on her side when she bumps into Tristan King, a billionaire and the richest person in the state. Lillian immediately picks up his energy, he is a burner, someone with enormous energy and it is the energy she needs to heal Hannah.

When Tristan meets Lillian, he uses her as a buffer between his ex-fiancé and himself, a fiancé who broke his heart when she broke off the engagement. Angelina wants children and Tristan doesn’t, his mother suffers from Huntington’s Disease, and it is hereditary meaning he could pass it on to his children. Now she wants him back, but he is playing hard to get despite him wanting her too.

Tristan agrees to help Lillian despite not knowing the true reason for the help and in exchange he wants her to attend a function with him. This function could be dangerous to her, but she needs Tristan and agrees. At this function the CEO of Kinetica is present and the danger level goes through the roof.

When Tristan finally comes to realize Lillian’s ability to heal, he sees a light at the end of the tunnel where his mother is concerned and hopes Lillian can heal her.

I don’t want to go into any more about the book other than to say I loved it, couldn’t put it down and hope that there will be Hannah’s story. Romance, secrets, lies and dreams of a future that is not filled with constant fear. Lillian and Tristan are wonderful characters, Lillian’s overwhelming desire to save the world and Tristan’s dream of finding someone to fill his empty life.



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