Release Day- REVIEW: Island Refuge-Brookwell Island Book #2- Regan Black

Island Refuge Book Cover Island Refuge
Brookwell Island Book #2
Regan Black
Small Town, Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance
Feb 22, 2024

Have old secrets followed her home?

Lila Copeland seized her chance for a fresh start and never looked back. After years of school and training, she’s coming home to put her stamp on the family bakery.

Unfortunately, trouble the form of Travis Upton. The security expert isn't just the man she's been crushing on for months, he's the man accusing her of a major jewelry heist.

When Travis’s investigation reveals a serious threat to the gorgeous baker, the easiest way to protect her is to pose as her doting boyfriend.

Their talk of love may only be white lies, but the kisses are as real as the danger closing in.

As the thief applies more pressure, putting the people and town she loves in the crossfire, Lila will do whatever it takes to help Travis close his case. Even confess her ugly secrets.

Travis, undaunted by her past, is determined to give the woman who holds his heart the safe haven she needs and the happy future she deserves.

If you like romantic suspense loaded with colorful small-town characters, an unstoppable protector, and a fake relationship that’s the real deal deep down, you’ll love Island Refuge!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Lila Copeland was raised by a mother and father who were thieves and wanted her to follow in their footsteps. It was her grandparents who saved her from a life of crime, a life she didn’t want. She moved to Brookwell Island where her grandparents owned a small bakery and where she found her love for baking. Her grandmother insisted that she go out and see the world before working at the bakery and learn everything she could before returning home, which she did.

Lila’s is leaving her current job as the chef on a luxury yacht, her destination home. When she decides what to make for her last breakfast onboard it would change her life. She went to the potato bin and discovered a bag hidden in the back of the bin and when she opened it itcontained thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry. Unfortunately, before she could call Travis Upton, the security guard from the Guardian Agency, he walked in on her with her desk covered in jewelry.

Lila feared that her past would put a target on her back, but she refused to be intimidated by Travis a man she has had feelings for since she first came on the yacht. Thieves have been targeting yachts and the insurance company has reached out to the Guardian Agency for help. Travis reluctantly believes Lila and since he and his men are scheduled for a week off in Charleston, he decides to follow her. The jewelry was returned to the insurance company, so she is either innocent or in danger.

There is no way to know if the thieves will come after her since the jewels are gone and she is likely the one responsible for taking them. He decides on a plan of action which is to embrace Lila as his girlfriend, putting him in a position where he is always with her. Her grandmother Connie is surprised but happy her granddaughter has a boyfriend, and before long the entire town knows about Travis, small towns have radar when it comes to knowing all about the lives of the people they know.

Before long Travis’s belief Lila is in danger and is realized when her room at the inn is destroyed along with all her clothes. Messages warning her to turn over the jewelry just push Travis to call for help, Lila and her grandmother are in danger. There is no doubt that the thief is desperate to retrieve the jewels when they destroy the bakery, bringing the danger closer to Lila’s grandmother.

While the search for the thief and the protection for Lila grows more desperate their fake boyfriend, girlfriend relationship begins to cross over to real. Lila knows that when the thief is caught, he will leave for another assignment and she will stay to fulfill her dream of taking over the bakery. First things first, finding the threat to Lila and eradicating it.

This is a series I love and crave more of, suspense, romance, secrets and surprises what more could I want. Lila and Travis are wonderful characters and grandma is a wonder with a love for her granddaughter that is unquestionably beautiful.

A beautiful romance between two people brought together by danger never expecting to find love but do.

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