RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Short Story- Little Valentine’s Party- Daddies and Littles- TL Travis

Little Valentine's Party Book Cover Little Valentine's Party
Daddies and Littles
TL Travis
LGBTQ Short Reads, Release Day, Gay Fiction
Sapphire Publishing
May 17, 2024

Come one, come all to a Little Valentine’s Party!

Orion and Jacob’s excitement couldn’t be contained. Their daddies signed them up and were on a mission to ensure healthy treats would be served to all who attended.

But what happens when another little sneaks in some sugary snacks?

A sugar filled day and a room full of littles. What could go wrong?


Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

For the first time the club is having a little’s Valentine’s party and sleepover. Alex and his little Orion and Richard and his little Jacob are attending. Like their daddies Orion and Jacob are best friends and very excited about the party.

The one stipulation was no candy, just one piece in each bag and it was sugar free, an abundance of sugar would just make the littles hyper and in Orion’s case he already is dealing with ADHD. Unfortunately, there is always someone who doesn’t think rules are made for them and one of the daddies brought a lot of candy and all the littles were covered in candy and the floor covered in wrappers.

The daddy responsible and his little girl were removed from the party and banned from coming back to the club. There was a new little, Ralphie the woman running the party’s brother, sad and alone. Marcel is a daddy who sadly lost his little and has not been around for a while but decided to come help. No doubt Marcel would find himself a new little and Ralphie would have a new daddy.

When you begin reading the story you forget that you are dealing with all adults but there is no doubt about the love.

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