RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Stone of Fear – Stones of Iona Book #2- Margaret Izard

Stone of Fear Book Cover Stone of Fear
Stones of Iona Book #2
Margaret Izard
Magical Realism, Fantasy Romance
Wild Rose Press
June 12, 2024


Marie Murray, a spunky expert on spiritual buildings, jumps at the opportunity to renovate the chapel mosaic floor at Dunstaffnage Castle, where she falls hard for the dashing John MacArthur. From their first kiss, sparks fly.

Believing her religious renovation creates magic, a fanatical priest kidnaps Marie. Obsessed with obtaining a powerful magic Stone of Iona, he drags her to 15th-century Scotland.

With his love kidnapped, John must tackle his hereditary duty and locate a magic Fae stone while chasing his love across time. Her memories of their passion keep her sane. His fuel his will to find her.

Will John get to Marie in time to save her soul?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a series that must be read in order so before reading this review hopefully you have read book one The Stone of Love, which was Brielle and Colin’s story. Now the search for the Stone of Fear is Marie Murray and John MacArthur’s story.

Marie is approached by a priest begging her to allow him into the newly renovated chapel so he can see the magnificent work she did on restoring the floor. Marie is hesitant but still enters the chapel with him where he attacks her and proceeds to kidnap her. John has just returned to find her only by the time he sees what is happening he is too late to stop it, the priest has Marie in a boat and no way for John to catch up.

Marie is dragged through Scotland by Father Matthew Clarke demanding that she find the Stone of Fear while John is frantic trying to find where she is. As much as Clarke threatens Marie, she is unable to find the stone since she has no idea how to. Each time John nearly catches up to the priest and Marie he is always one step to late and when Clarke opens a portal in the doorway of the chapel taking him and Marie to 1498 John is centuries too late.

The only thing keeping Marie’s courage up is her thoughts of John and knowing in her heart he will find her. The story follows Clarke and Marie’s journey in the fifteenth century and the romance between Marie and John from the first day they met. She dreams about how their romance began until the day they finally admitted their feelings for each other. It was those memories that kept her going while being beaten and dragged from one place to another.

Every time Marie tried to get help, she was ignored finally realizing that in the fifteenth century woman were treated as nothing more than a necessary commodity used for menial work and having babies. Clarke’s words carried much more weight than hers so getting help seemed an impossibility.

Marie had no idea that John had arrived in the fifteenth century searching for her. John’s mother died when he was young, and his father disappeared and now he is face to face with his parents who were lost to him. John’s dad made a deal with the fae to be with his dead wife again and here he is ready to help his son get the love of his life back.

Surprises, secrets and romance and all questions answered.

This book once again took me on a journey through Scotland, its history both present and past. The characters were wonderful, and it was a beautiful love story, but it ended leaving me hungry for the next chapter in the story.

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