RELEASE DAY-REVIEW: The Northern Lights in His Eyes -Paint By Number #2- Andrew Grey

The Northern Lights in His Eyes Book Cover The Northern Lights in His Eyes
Paint By Number #2
Andrew Grey
Gay,Romance, LGBTQ Romance
Dreamspinner Press
Nov. 9, 2024


When Garvin Haverton lost his husband, he lost himself. Unable to bear the reminders of their love, he left his friends in Los Angeles for the remote Alaskan wilderness, cut ties with his old life, and started over.

Model William Moreau has let Garvin hide for long enough. He misses his friendship, and he has to know if the spark he felt between them could ignite the love of a lifetime. So he packs a bag, books a flight, rents a car… and almost gets himself killed in a blizzard.

When William shows up half-frozen, Garvin is furious. Unlike William, he doesn’t need to be rescued. He has a life in Alaska: new friends, a dog, a job. But he can’t kick William out into the cold, and it doesn’t take many long, cold Alaskan nights before he realizes that he may have a life, but he hasn’t moved on. He could do that with William. The chemistry between them could heat his little cabin all on its own. But William’s life is in LA, and Garvin can’t go back. Is their unlooked-for romance doomed from the start?

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair

This is the first time in many years that a review by me is posted, Linda Tonis our biggest Andrew Grey fan is having cataract surgery and cannot read for a few weeks and I am jumping in….

Northern Lights in his Eyes is the second book in the Paint by Number Series. William Moeau is a runway model, Living in LA. He had a circle of friends for years, and was always dewey eyed about Garvan Haverton who was a happily married man. Garvan’s husband died suddenly and he lost his world. After a few years of mourning William had hoped to get closer to Garvan but he had shut down in grief. Garvan had inherited a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness and disappeared, never reaching out to anyone.

William had some time off and without letting Garvan know he packed a suitcase, flew to Anchorage, Rented a car and drove to surprise Garvan almost freezing to death …. Police finding his car in a snow bank, and Garvan finding him an icicle on his front porch.

Again Andrew Grey takes on a story so sweet as well as heartbreaking as Garvan and William reacquaint, and each learning what they need for the rest of their lives.

Patience was Williams first name, trying to have Garvan come back to the living. The story was wonderful, the scenery beautiful. As the townsfolk helped William to see how was respected and not a pretty face, And slowly Garvan realized he might want Willam to stay..

Another great read Andrew….

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