Release Day REVIEW: Trina’s Sacrifice- Solstice Quartet Book #4- Catherine Peace

Trina's Sacrifice Book Cover Trina's Sacrifice
Solstice Quartet Book #4
Catherine Peace
Native American Fiction, Werewolf Shifter, Romance
Inkspell Publishing
June 27, 2023

A chieftain’s forsaken daughter….
Trina Huxford knows the old stories: wolf takes swan, wolf kills swan. When her beloved older sister is taken by a wolf, she fears the pattern will play out again, but her father’s inaction stuns her. After all, the tribe needs Margot to seal the alliance between the Kaqtukaq and Whakamanu warriors. If he won’t save her sister, then Trina will. Her only ally? A young warrior whose quiet strength and gentle spirit both soothe and entice her.

An outcast craving acceptance….
Pou Ngata has spent years battling against his family’s tarnished lineage, so the Tane’s invitation to join him and his chosen warriors in Windsor comes as an honor and a shock. The problem? The bride intended for his cousin is missing, and the Tane has forbidden them to interfere. Refusing means losing any goodwill he’s gained, but Pou can’t stand by. Especially when Trina might be her sister’s replacement.

Two hearts bound by lies….
As Trina and Pou piece together the truth behind Margot’s disappearance, they can only trust each other. Lies and betrayal culminate in a battle that threatens their fledgling relationship. But there are greater dangers than the Windsor wolves, and Pou and Trina will need more than love to survive.

How can the truth set them free if it destroys everything they know?

TRINA’S SACRIFICE is the final installment of the Solstice Quartet, but in order to find the answers Ember, Amy and Dia seek, they must go back to the past and find the mystery surrounding their parents’ romance. The story their father shares could shatter the beautiful memories they have of their dead mother and change the way they look at their father. TRINA’S SACRIFICE and the Solstice Quartet is the perfect read for fans of Carrie Ann Ryan’s Wolf shifter series or Elizabeth Briggs’ Zodiac Wolf series. While each story can be read on its own, you will want to grab them all and dive into the unique Maori culture and the mystery that sent the three daughters running for their lives.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the final book in the series, a series that should be read in order and now is the perfect time to do that since all the books are available eliminating the need to wait.

The first three books covered the lives of the three sisters and the attack that left them separated. Now the three sisters are reunited with their father Pou who relays the story of how he and their mother Trina met and is determined to introduce them to Trina Huxford the woman she was before she became Trina Ngata.

It is a happy occasion that has brought the family together again, one of his daughter’s weddings. Trina and Pou met when her father made an alliance with the Whakamanu’s for a marriage between her sister Margot and Pou’s cousin Hapa. Hapa is a warrior with a reputation for being cruel and hot-tempered but when Margot disappears, and the assumption is she was kidnapped by the wolves. The wolf shifters have been the enemy of the swans for generations.

Trina’s father shows no interest in rescuing his daughter very much like Pou did when he didn’t search for Dia when she disappeared, history repeating itself. The Whakamanu’s are angry with Trina’s father accusing him of not protecting the woman he promised in marriage. Trina’s father has proved to be the worst leader and his answer to the problem facing him is war.

Pou helped Trina by visiting the wolves in secret and discovering that Margot was safe, happy and in love with a female wolf. Trina’s dad still wants war, and the outcome of the war is not in her tribe’s favor or the favor of the Whakamanu tribe. Trina is angry with her parents who have never shown support or caring for their children. Margot was the favorite because of her beauty and what their father could use her for.

Pou and Trina have fallen in love, and she is with child so she chooses to leave her tribe and return with Pou to his. The difference between how the two tribes live is a lot for Trina to adjust to in addition to the obvious hostility shown to the Ngata family. Trina left her tribe, her family to be with the man she loves, and she will fight the fight to keep them together.

Pou hopes that his attempt at telling his daughters about their mother is not too little too late and it will not cause them to walk away from him for good. Trina and Pou’s story was filled with sadness and battles, battles resulting from the lies he discovered that caused his family to become pariahs. Trina was the love of his life and losing her changed him, now it is his chance to hopefully reunite with his daughters and be a part of their lives.

A wonderful series and although each book can be read alone, I highly recommend reading them in order and as I stated previously all the books are now available, which is the perfect time to start from the beginning. Swan shifters whose jeweled feathers are worth a fortune and who must hide from those who want them.

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