Release Day REVIEW: Wishes Under a Highland Star – A Tale from the Order of the Dragon Knights Series – Mary Morgan

Wishes Under a Highland Star Book Cover Wishes Under a Highland Star
A Tale from the Order of the Dragon Knights Series -
Mary Morgan
Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Wild Rose Press
Dec 5th, 2022

As chieftain for his clan, Alex MacFhearguis struggles with the burden of an unwanted responsibility. With the midwinter feast approaching, he flees his castle to find comfort and solitude within the forest. Yet on his quest, Alex stumbles into a world filled with magic, mysteries, and a woman with beguiling eyes who could capture his heart.

When half-Fae Aine Fraser makes a powerful wish, her simple request unlocks the magic she possesses and brings forth a Highlander into her world. Though the man has lost all his memories, she finds her attraction growing for this brooding warrior with each passing day. Unable to deny her feelings, Aine risks everything when she confesses her greatest secret.

Can a beauty who wished for a champion tame the beast of Leòmhann Castle?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book is the story of the final brother of the MacFhearguis Clan, Alex the Chieftan and the woman who will finally capture his heart, Aine Fraser, half Fae and half human.

After another discussion with his brother Patrick about finding a bride Alex decided some air and a ride in the hills is just what he needed. What Alex could never have expected was for Aine to be making a wish for a traveler to appear and bring her into the human world of Scotland. Well, a traveler appeared and before he could say anything Aine’s brother Keegan hit him over the head with his sword. Alex went down hard and with the cold and snow coming she and Keegan brought him home to be treated.

When Alex woke up, he had no idea of who he was or even his name and unbelievably Aine decided to name him Alex. Alex has passed through the veil separating the Fae and human worlds due to the fact that Aine used magic something that is forbidden. This is where the half Fae and half human children who have been abandoned reside learning to use their human side and foregoing magic before they can leave and join the human side. Once abandoned by the Fae the king decided there were too many children left alone and decreed that they would be looked after and guarded.

Alex doesn’t know who he is but knows that he is totally fascinated with the beauty who is caring for him and who works in the forge. She is everything he would want in a woman but he has a lot to learn about who he is and who she is. When he left his home Leomhann Castle he was angry over the MacKay Clan all being invited for the winter feast his brother bothering him about a bride and now his only concern is who he is. One thing he is certain of is that he is not married, even with no memory that is something he is sure about.

Alex is welcomed as a guest and when Elder Rory MacGregor comes, he knows immediately who Alex is but refuses to use magic to bring his memory back and needs his memory to return on its own. Of course, there is no doubt that when his memory returns, he will be very angry but Aine worries that his anger will be directed at her. She knows that she loves him but when he has to return home will he want to take her with him.

I love this book; I love this series and can’t recommend it highly enough. Romance, sex, secrets and amazing characters. So much happens and I have to stop myself from revealing it all but stop I will.

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