A Champion's Hero Book Cover A Champion's Hero
A Champions Gate Small Town Romance
Kelly Abell
Religious, Christian, Mystery, Suspense, Romance
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August 31, 2019

When Connie Champion’s dream is within reach, she has to go for it, right? But leaving her family behind to go on a USO tour overseas is one big scary step. But take it she does and soon finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of long rehearsals, international travel, and the chance to sing in front of thousands of soldiers–and tour with the infamous Trevor Thornton, country musics’s hottest star. She’s loving it! Everything seems perfect until her brother, Bishop, announces his engagement to Darbi, the nanny. After seeing them together, Connie longs to ditch her solitary life and find her own true love.

One scary step leads to another, and , in a blink, Connie goes from zero romances to two–and a shot at stardom. Sven Christensen is what every girl dreams of–a financially stable, handsome, and dependable man. Logan Richards is troubled, exciting, and a bit of a bad boy. Not to mention, she’s attracted the attention of the hottest country singer to boot. When circumstances turn a bit dicey on the tour, where will Connie’s loyalties fall? Who will win her heart and be this Champion’s hero?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to start by saying that this is a beautiful series full of romance and it should definitely be read in order. I say that because my review could give away spoilers if you have not read Winning a Champion’s Heart, if you have read the first book then you know that you are in for another winning story.

We first met Constance (Connie) Champion in book one when she went behind her brother Bishop’s back and hired a nanny from Ireland. It was Connie who raised the triplets since their mother died at child birth but now she has the opportunity to sing with the USO and bring her singing voice to thousands instead of just at church. Of course if you did read the first book then I do not have to tell you what happened between Bishop and his nanny, Darbi. Now we have Connie’s story plus the added bonus of following all the other characters from before.

Connie is feeling very homesick and she didn’t realize that along with her singing she would be required to dance and it is the choreography that has put blisters on her blisters and making her second guess her decision to leave home in the first place. Everything changes when Sven comes to New York to surprise her and finally tell her how he feels about her something that he unfortunately waited to do until she was ready to travel the world for a year. He has loved her since first grade but always felt he wasn’t good enough but he can’t let her leave without finally confessing he loves her.

Connie is surprised by Sven’s admission and is beginning to see him in a different light but she knows that he is not happy about her decision to pursue a singing career when his life is in Florida as the attorney for Champion Gates. While travelling Connie meets Logan Richards who works for the USO Security force. Logan suffers from PTSD and a mistake with his radio cost lives of both soldiers and his military career. Now Connie is totally confused because she likes Logan and that doesn’t even cover her feelings for Trevor Thornton, the hottest country singer in the business and who will be touring with the USO and possibly singing with her and could be her answer to a singing career.

At home Darbi and Bishop are planning their wedding around the time that Connie will be home on leave and Quinton is once again too thick headed to realize that Dusty loves him. I am sure if you read the first book you are aware of them, of Dusty’s love and his apparent obliviousness. This book like the first I loved and couldn’t put down until I found out what would happen with Sven and Connie and her singing career, well I found out but I am not revealing anything. It was also interesting to watch as Connie learned the truth about the entertainment business, the lies, the self-centered egos and who to trust.

I don’t say this often, actually I have never said this in a review but do yourself a favor and read this series I can’t imagine anyone with a romantic bone in their body not loving it.

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