REVIEW: A Daddy for Maddy -Little Mister Perfect Series Book #2- Wendy Rathbone

A Daddy for Maddy Book Cover A Daddy for Maddy
Little Mister Perfect Series Book #2
Wendy Rathbone
Gay Fiction, Gay Romance
Eye Scry Publcations
June 19, 2024
Oops. Just got caught by my roommate while I’m wearing nothing but my birthday suit. Also, I was in an embarrassing pose and acting like a baby.

He tells me he already knew.

He tells me boys and littles (littles? What are littles?) are all the rage at his favorite kink club.

The following evening, he insists I go with him to the club. The first man I see there is a handsome bouncer who gives me a menacing look. It’s as if he has instant hate for me. Yet I can’t get him out of my mind.

Later that night, Mr. Menacing re-enters my life in a way that has me all but begging for him to be my first-ever daddy.

Please, to all the tubby-soaker, stuffie-hugging, diaper-wearing, daddy-loving gods of the universe, let this first time be perfect. Let me finally have the daddy of my dreams and I’ll be a good boy forever.

This book in the Little Mister Perfect Series was written for the Love and Hope anthology where only a few chapters were published. This is the completed story of Maddy and Colin, who are side characters in the novel: Little Mister Perfect. It is a standalone read.

MM romance, rescue, age play, age gap, daddy/little, first time, high heat, HEA.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When Maddy’s roommate walked into his room and found him naked cuddling his unicorn stuffie, Kornie, he knew the place for Maddy was Club 99 where he could let out his little side. When he and his roommate entered the club Maddy saw a huge man standing by the door, a man that gave him an intimidating look. Maddy’s response to the look was to stick his tongue out at the man.

Colin is the bouncer and was immediately attracted to the cute little that walked in with what he assumed was his daddy. Maddy’s roommate left him in the little’s room where Maddy got comfortable coloring and watching. When two boys began to fight a toy car was thrown, and it hit Maddy in the forehead.

Colin sat Maddy a chair behind where he was working to ensure that he didn’t have a concussion and then he took Maddy out for a snack and coffee. Maddy was so excited and believed he had finally found his daddy, but time would tell if he really did.

Maddy is such a sweet little, desperate to please and have Colin accept him. With both working they have little time with each other except when Maddy stays in the littles room waiting till Colin’s shift is over.

Unfortunately, things are not going well for Colin, he has been getting harassing texts and now bringing Maddy into his world could be dangerous for him. The owner of the club, Trent Winterbourne, is doing everything in his power to find the person sending the texts to Colin but so far, no luck.

Maddy meets Ozzie, Trent’s little boy, and they become fast friends so when Ozzie is in danger, a danger I won’t talk about in this review, Maddy becomes his defender. Maddy has been introduced to a world he never imagined, a world where he found that he is not alone in his sexual desires, there are many littles just like him.

This book is filled with sex, betrayals, lies and surprises. The harassment gets to a breaking point and Trent proves he has the right people in his employ to find the guilty party. Although I have said it before I do not honestly understand the desire to be a little, I do understand the desire to fulfil your dreams and desires and find love in whatever way it comes.

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