REVIEW : A Taste of Shadows – Sunlight and Shadows Book #2 – Sydney Windward

A Taste of Shadows Book Cover A Taste of Shadows
Sunlight and Shadows Book #2
Sydney Windward
Futuristic Romance, Fantasy Romance , Paranormal Romance
Silver Forge Books
January 18 2022

The faintest sound of her voice can kill.

Lyyli Ives has lived her entire life in silence. Those who have heard her voice never live to tell the tale. When she accidentally nearly kills her sister, she is sent away to the only person who can help her—the Archmage at Darkest Star Arcane.

Lord Killian Graves' life is falling apart. His mother is cursed into a deadly enchantment. His title and school are threatened to be stripped from him. But when a mysterious woman who doesn't speak pleads for his help, he finds he cannot resist the allure of her beauty nor the mystery of her predicament.

However, a great evil is after the power she wields, threatening not only her life but the lives of everyone they love. Killian must save her from her fate. Or die trying

This book is part of the Sunlight and Shadows series, and each can be read as a standalone with their own happily ever after.

Reviewed by: Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I read the first book in this series and was somewhat surprised that this had pretty much nothing to do with that story. It got off to slow start but it picked up nicely and the story quickly became enthralling and interesting.

The premise is Lyyli can’t speak because her voice makes people want to kill themselves …… literally. We do not see her for a while after the first chapter and you wonder why she is even there but she does show back up after a few more chapters. There is a secret to this revealed early in the book but a cure is a long way off if at all.

We meet Lord Killian Graves with mother and a cousin being afflicted with a curse that is slowly killing them and he cannot find a cure or even communicate with them. This is a very multi-layered story and it goes on for over 300 pages and at times I felt like it could have benefitted from an editor to “tighten up” the writing but that is a minor complaint for an addictive story.

So we have a heroine who voice kills people, the Archmage at Darkest Star Arcane( a shadow arch mage) who I found to be somewhat less powerful than I would have expected in many respects and a plot that is only part of this story. I am giving this 4 Stars since I really did like it but some minor complaints and a bit of verbosity kept it from a higher rating but a very enjoyable story regardless.


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