Review: A Wizard’s Choice – Maya Tyler

A Wizard's Choice Book Cover A Wizard's Choice
The Magicals Series, #2
Maya Tyler
Paranormal Romance
Tirgearr Publishing
July 17, 2019

Dreams or duty?

Wizard apprentice Kurtis Warde doesn’t want to become a full-fledged wizard, but he feels obligated to his grandfather who raised him. Making The Choice, whether or not to become a wizard and join The Circle, doesn’t feel like a choice at all. Leaving The Circle would give Kurtis the freedom to follow his own dreams, and to pursue vampiress, Dee, who has always intrigued him. He knows there’s more to Dee than the icy being she portrays, but will she give him a chance to know the real her?

There is unrest in the magical world. Fairies, a magical being thought to be long extinct, still exist. And the long-time feud between wizards and fairies threatens everyone Kurtis cares about, including his life coach, Alina, who has quickly become a close friend. And perhaps more. He discovers his connection to the ancient beings The Annunaki, the ancestors of wizards and fairies, may be key to the future. The more he uncovers, the more questions he has.

Will Kurtis choose to follow his heart or risk sacrificing his own happiness for peace in the magical world?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been thirty years since Kurtis Warde was left as an infant on his grandfather’s doorstep. Waldor never said a word to his grandson about his parents or why they left him, he never explained that his father Naill had to make a choice to be a wizard and join The Circle, a group of wizards appointed guardians of the supernatural world and defenders of magicals and humans. Niall made the choice to leave his father and everything behind and now thirty years later Kurtis has the same choice to make and the only thing stopping him from leaving like his father is his desire not to hurt the man who raised him and loved him.

Kurtis wants to combat modern enemies with modern techniques and not just continue using the same old spells and the same old ways, he wants to create innovations for the future. Kurtis has a difficult decision to make and he wants to know about his parents so his grandfather suggested he see Alina Lehrer a Certified Life Coach, a clairvoyant who can read auras. With her help he finds a roadmap that points to where his parents are and it also was a roadmap that led to him. He has an enemy not happy with the fact that he is part fairy and part wizard, he has his mother’s name and knows that she was the one who left him behind in order to protect him but now his desire to find her put him in the very danger she was protecting him from.

We do catch up with Corgan, Marisa and Dee, Corgan’s maker. It is Dee that entices Kurtis and in spite of her being a vampire and having the exterior of a very cold woman he sees another side to her that he desperately wants to explore. He has finally made the decision not to join The Circle and pursue being a wizard and now his focus is on discovering his parents and finding out who wants him dead and why.

It has been long believed that the fairies no longer exist that the war between the wizards and the fairies long ago ended them but that is not true, some of the fairies are in hiding and some are looking for revenge so when Kurtis discovers who Alina really is he has to decide whether he can truly trust her. Kurtis has to find out how the fairies and wizards came to be enemies and it all goes back to the Anunnaki who were believed to have come to Earth before the dawn of man, we get their story, we get Alina’s story and we get the full story about Kurtis’ mom and dad.

Although there were times when there seemed to be so many different stories going on and we went back and forth from the present to the past the story was interesting and held my interest.

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