Review: Alpha Pair – Brenda Sparks

Alpha Pair Book Cover Alpha Pair
Alpha Council Chronicles
Brenda Sparks
Paranormal Adult Romance: Vampires
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
July 30, 2018

How strong is the blood that binds? Tatiana Bolovich is a beautiful femme fatale with a haunting history. Having recently discovered the brutish Demetri Romanoff is her heartmate, she spent the past year avoiding him, but the Fates have other plans.

Demetri commands every situation. A strong, valiant warrior he’s used to being in control, that is until he is kidnapped by demons. Forced to endure unspeakable experiments at the hands of his enemy, the Alpha discovers just how out of control life can get.

Summoned by the Alpha Council, Tatiana grudgingly helps track Demetri down, promising herself that she will disappear from his life forever once the job is done. But matters of the heart are not so easily ignored. Will she give him a chance to prove himself, or will she deny her nature and slip away into the night?

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

While this is the fourth book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone as each book focuses on a specific couple. In this book, Demetri Romanoff is trying to figure out what is behind the disappearance of a pregnant woman. Before he can determine if the blank spaces in his scans of the area where the disappearance occurred are important, he is abducted as well. Tatiana Bolovich is part of the team sent to find and rescue Demetri. This is super awkward for Tatiana as she has been actively avoiding Demetri ever since she discovered he was her heart mate, which is the last thing a woman needing control of her life could want. Fate has interesting plans for the two dominant personalities. Throw in the physical and mental repercussions of Demetri’s abduction, assumptions about each, and the upcoming nuptials of their friends, the two are in forced proximity. Avoiding each other and not dealing with their feelings is no longer an option.

This is a fun read. The overall story is very entertaining. While Tatiana is a strong character, however she was redeemed later when her behaviors were called out later in the book. She comes across as very judgmental at the start of the story and was hard for me to like. I loved how Demetri was able to show his feelings and his willingness to better himself for his mate. The overarching storyline is engrossing and Brenda Sparks leaves you wanting the next book! Unfortunately there were several editing errors. These tend to pull me out of the narrative, so it does have an impact on my ability to enjoy the story, and therefore the rating of the book. Without the errors, this would have been a 4 1/2 star book for me.

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