Carnelian: Dreams and Visions Book Cover Carnelian: Dreams and Visions
The Stones of Power, Book 6
M.D. Grimm
LGBT, Gay, Fantasy, Romance
M.D. Grimm
July 3, 2017

Lord Morgorth is haunted by dreams of his father. Though Morgorth killed him, his father's presence and brutality won't completely die. But now he has more to worry about—in the form of the Council of Mages' inquiry into the duel between Morgorth and an elder of the council. Morgorth expects sabotage and prepares accordingly. He fears for Aishe's life, knowing that the best way to sabotage the inquiry is to eliminate the witnesses. He sets into motion a desperate plan that, though it will protect Aishe, could put a strain on their relationship not easily removed.

Yet the true danger lurks unseen, and it will take all of Morgorth's skill, strength, and devotion to Aishe, to save his mate from the hold of a foe Morgorth has yet to tangle with: a dream demon. Now Morgorth must throw aside caution, restraint, and fear if he is to save the one most dear to him. He must call upon the power of the one thing he hates more than even his father: a stone of power.

But even if he manages to save Aishe, his mate's experiences in Dreamworld—at the mercy of the dream demon—have changed him forever and could shatter their bond irrevocably.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

has finally killed his father the man who tortured him from the day he was born but memories of his time spent at his old home and the last words spoken to him by his dying father haunt him awake and asleep. It was a letter from his brother that sent Morgorth back to his home land and now another letter has arrived only this time it was a letter he was expecting. It is time for Morgorth to appear before the Council of Mages for an official inquiry as to what happened in Zentha between him and Elder Elorn a council member and a member of the Hand.

Aishe and Morgorth’s brother Olyvre have been summoned as witnesses and once again he has brought Aishe and now his brother into mage business. Both Morgorth and Elorn give their sides of the story but it is the witness’s account that the council is waiting to hear. In order to determine the truth both Aishe and Olyvre will be spelled, a spell that will ensure their truth. Suvar a mage that has approached Morgorth previously is in attendance convinced that he and Morgorth will join forces and bring change to the council and the Hand. He just needs to wait for the final outcome as to who the council will believe. Of course Elorn is not a mage who leaves anything to chance and once again both his brother and Aishe are placed in jeopardy. Not being a fool Morgorth was well prepared for anything Elorn could devise to ensure his win.

After the verdict Morgorth does something he swore never to do he took Aishe’s choice away from him and had him transported back home and locked inside the castle, a prison in his own home, unable to leave and unable to reach Morgorth to find out what the decision was, was it for him or for Elorn. Morgorth knew that what he did could put an end to his and Aishe’s relationship but a live Aishe was easier to live with then a dead one and if the council voted against Elorn there was no doubt his brother and Aishe would be in danger.

Morgorth waited to return home and face Aishe but his delay put Aishe in more danger than he could ever have imagined because a dream demon took control of Aishe while he slept and what he subjected Aishe to in the Dreamworld would destroy anyone. Now he has to enter the Dreamworld where magic is useless, save Aishe and hope that their relationship is not severed entirely.

I have loved all the books up to now but I have to say this one was by far my favorite. Morgorth’s time spent with his brother was wonderful once again proving that he can be loved and can love back. There was also betrayal, secrets, surprises and a lot of suspense. I can’t wait to start book seven which I will be doing once I finish this review.

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