Courtship Book Cover Courtship
Voodoo Butterfly Series, Book 4
Camille Faye
Paranormal, Urban Metaphysical Fantasy, Magical Realism
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
May 27, 2020

While Sophie Nouveau stresses over wedding plans, she fears Madame LaLaurie has been resurrected somehow when a black bird snatches a newborn from its crib out in Cajun country. Sophie investigates the kidnapping and uncovers clues about a Skinwalker, a different type of shapeshifter who can steal and wear human skins. She suspects the creature strikes again when one of her loved ones dies amid disturbing circumstances. While in mourning, Sophie also ascertains the identity of her biological father.

As Sophie’s inner demons rise, she realizes her birth was just a part of a diabolical scheme to destroy Sacred Power and spread black magic across New Orleans. Sophie will face a trial by fire in her priestess training in order to fight this threat and restore the universal balance. But will she be able to walk through the flames? Or will she get burned?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sophie Nouveau is planning her wedding to Taj, only evil is not resting and neither can she. Sophie helped the Landrys and has now been called to their home having no idea why. With her is Moses, a hoodoo doctor, and when she arrives she is shocked to discover that the Landrys’ friends the Boussards have been the latest victims of a Rougarou. Their baby was taken out of her crib by a huge blackbird and now it is up to Sophie to try to save the child.

Sophie is sure that Madame LaLaurie is back, even though she was sure she had destroyed her so now she once again has to fight evil, LaLaurie and Dr. Bones for the life of an innocent child. LaLaurie stays young and lives forever by feeding on blood from children. This child’s life is definitely in trouble. Unfortunately, Dr. Bones and Madame LaLaurie are not the only evil Sophie has to fight because a new evil has appeared, skinwalkers who can take on the appearance of anything they remove the skin from.

Father Malachi, who has always been a father to her, is in trouble, another person in danger and another person Sophie is determined to save. Can she save both of them? It is imperative for Sophie to continue her training for her to have the power needed to destroy their enemies. The wedding to the man she loves is the last thing on her list of things to do. Her only fear is that Taj stays safe when the battle between good and evil finally takes place.

This book, like the previous ones, had me on the edge of my seat, hoping that all the characters I had grown to love all remained safe. I worried about Poppy, Father Malachi, Taj and the rest of the people who have been by Sophie’s side since she first arrived in New Orleans and learned who and what she is. She finally finds the answers to questions she has had all her life, questions that would probably have been better left a secret. She also learns a secret that never even entered my mind after reading four books until the end of this one.

I highly recommend this series and highly recommend reading them in order, voodoo, who knew, could be so interesting, sorry couldn’t help myself.


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