Review: Covet Thy Neighbor – L.A. Witt

Covet Thy Neighbor Book Cover Covet Thy Neighbor
Tucker Springs Book 4
L.A. Witt
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
May 3, 2019

Welcome to Tucker Springs, Colorado, where sparks fly when opposites attract—but are some obstacles too great to overcome?

When tattoo artist Seth Wheeler meets his new neighbor, it’s like a revelation. Darren Romero is everything Seth wants in a man: hot, clever, single, and interested. For a minute he seems perfect. Then Darren drops the bomb: he moved to Tucker Springs to be a pastor at the New Light Church.

As a gay man whose parents threw him out, Seth has a strict policy of keeping believers at arm’s length for self-preservation. But Darren’s perseverance and the chemistry bubbling between them steadily wear down his defenses.

In a small town like Tucker Springs, Seth can’t avoid Darren—or how much he wants him. Which means he needs to decide what’s more important: protecting himself, or his feelings for his neighbor.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Tucker Springs is the setting for several fabulous love stories. This one is no exception. In this book, L.A. Witt tackles some pretty intense topics. Seth Wheeler was disowned by his extremely conservative and intensely religious family. But he has created a life in Tucker Springs. He is a successful tattoo artist with his own shop and several good friends. When he meets the new neighbor, who is the epitome of everything he has ever wanted in a man, he is also waiting on the other shoe to drop. Darren Romero is just too good to be true. When that shoe turns out to be the fact that Darren is the new minister for a local church, it might be too much to overcome for Seth. I love the fact that Witt faces these guys’ faiths and fears head-on. Their reactions and fears are very relatable and realistic. Witt is brilliant at creating such complete characters, with idiosyncrasies and quirks that are endearing and make them so easy to invest in as a reader. And holy (pun intended) hot sex scenes. These two have some serious on page chemistry! L.A. Witt also has an amazing talent for creating sexual tension that may cause unsuspecting readers to need a cold shower after those scenes! Watching these two navigate this relationship is a fantastic journey for the reader. This is such a great addition to the Tucker Springs world.

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