Review: Dark Karma: Sword of Vengeance – Laura Simmons

Dark Karma: Sword of Vengeance Book Cover Dark Karma: Sword of Vengeance
Karma Series Book 3
Laura Simmons
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Outskirts Press, Inc.
September 7, 2018

What would you do if you woke up one morning and your world was inexplicably changed in the worst way imaginable?

Banished by his enemy into a hellish alternate dimension, Luke Decker fights to understand why his world has suddenly changed, and why is he on trial for the murder of his beloved Nina? What he doesn’t know is she’s not dead. Nina watches him vanish into thin air and is completely bereft, struggling to find out how and why he disappeared. Using all of her psychic talents and traversing the astral realm, she frantically searches for him to no avail. She owns a secret item which holds the key to his salvation, but will she figure it out before he’s condemned to live the rest of his life in a realm of darkness?

This remarkable tale of vengeance, time travel, and dark magic is even more enjoyable if you read Tough Karma: A Race Against Time first.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

After years of a friend with benefits relationship Luke has finally told Nina that he loves her. It was Nina who saved Amber from being raped by Mike using a baseball and throwing it at his crotch. Nina can astral travel whenever she wants, is clairvoyant and has the gift of telekinesis. Unfortunately her help for Amber ended when three men broke into her home, shooting her in the leg and hitting her in the head with a gun putting her into a coma.

Now that Amber is safe and Nina is well Luke has revealed that he quit the CIA and is opening a new Decker Martial Arts business near Nina and he will teach. He is ready to take their relationship to the next stage but Nina wants to take it slow. They agree to live near each other until Nina is ready for them to live together. The only thing they agree on is that there will be no one else for them and that means that she has to tell Elliott Greenwood, her neighbor who was there for her when she was hurt and who loves her that they can only be friends.

Elliott Greenwood comes off as a nice guy but he is anything but and he wants something that Nina has. Nina brought something back with her once, a plain rock with amazing powers and it would give anyone who possessed it great power. He wants it and he needs to get rid of the people standing in his way starting with Luke. An ancient sword Elliott possesses is all he needs to send Luke into a hellish alternate reality and that is exactly what he does.

Nina uses every bit of power she possesses to find Luke and bring him home but she eventually finds herself a prisoner in the same alternate reality. It is while they are there they meet DK a guard whose job is to keep the prisoners alive for the next round of torture. It is DK who reveals secrets that no one could ever have guessed including me.

This book has it all, astral travel, demons, torture and time travel. I will not reveal anything about DK or who he is, nor will I reveal what happens to Luke and Nina what I will do is recommend reading the books in order. I look forward to the next book in the series and who it will be about I hope it is about Noah a friend of Luke’s and a former Navy Seal who deserves to find love.

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