REVIEW : Darkness Above – A Jordan Korento Novel Book #1- J.D. Brown

Darkness Above Book Cover Darkness Above
A Jordan Korento Novel Book #1
J.D. Brown
Fantasy Horror, New Adult, College Fantasy,
Nightmare Publishing
Sept 12, 2022

Her parents are legends, but they’re losing the war.
Now, it’s her turn.

Jordan Korento spent her life training for the vampire war, but no one will give her a chance to prove she’s more than just a princess.

When Jordan learns of a twin brother who was sent to live in hostile territory, she takes destiny into her own hands, determined to save the sibling she never met and make her family whole.

Joined by her vampire ex-girlfriend who she still has feelings for—and the mysterious Sergeant who steals her breath with a single glance—Jordan embarks on a rescue mission to Bavaria, where nothing is what it seems. Will she find a kindred spirit in her twin or an enemy lying in wait?

Darkness Above (A Jordan Korento Novel 1) is an adrenaline-fueled urban fantasy full of dark magic and deadly creatures that are as sensual as they are bloodthirsty.

J.D. Brown’s vampire universe has captured the imaginations of millions of readers worldwide with The Ema Marx Series.

Darkness Above is the first book of the long-awaited spin-off series set in the same world.

If you’re new to J.D.’s books, Darkness Above is the perfect place to start. Get your copy today!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This review was a hard one for me because it ended in a cliffhanger that made me want to throw my kindle out the window, a cliffhanger that had me yelling WHAT!!! So why did the book get five stars when I was ready, willing and able to give it three because the story was wonderful and despite the cliffhanger it was full of suspense, surprises, secrets and violence.

This series is the offshoot of the series Emma Marx which I haven’t read, and I am sure if I had I would have been better informed about the war the twins and Jordan’s family history, but the author did a good job of updating me.

Jordan Korento is the daughter of the King and Queen of vampyres and has been raised for most of her life to fight in the war between humans and vampires. Unfortunately, although she is well trained her father made sure that she would never see combat, as his only child and being human, he will not take a chance on losing her. Jordan is watched by her bodyguard Torrance who she has loved since she first saw her, but she was a child and now as an adult she feels the same.

Jordan’s world would be forever changed on her twenty-first birthday with the arrival of her mother who she has not seen since she was born. Her mother revealed a secret that her father has kept from her, she has a twin brother and her memories of him have been erased. Jordan is filled with rage and determined to locate her brother but getting away from her father would not be easy. Apparently, her father had one of his visions when her mother was pregnant that her brother would kill her, so he was sent away to live with an aunt and uncle in Germany. Once she found a way to escape, finding her brother would lead to dangers she could never have anticipated.

Logan Junior lived with his Uncle Brinnon and Aunt Sara having little or no memory of his parents. He hears a voice in his head that he calls Al convinced that he is probably mad, his skin is grey, his eyes red and black, two protrusions on his forehead the sign of horns that have not fully formed yet and he is a Nephilim with the ability to phase. When Logan suspects his aunt of trying to poison him, he phases out of there and like Jordan will encounter dangers from various factions fighting in the war. Vampires fighting humans and each other.

Jordan manages to hook up with Card Finch who she met while at the academy training, he is being sent on a secret mission and was the only reason he survived when the academy was blown up. He is her only hope of finding her brother, but it was a time when knowing who to trust was very hard.

Logan is kidnapped by vampires who need his phasing ability for a job but since they have a collar on him escaping would mean his death. These vampires have been aiding others in need of help, orphans, woman and men who just want to live their lives and with the help of humans a network has been formed to provide safety. But Logan has no idea what he is wanted for and his alter ego Al, well still not sure whose side he is on and who the voice belongs to.

As I said before this book was suspenseful, non-stop action, betrayal, secrets and twins whocan’t seem to stay out of danger. The story is told in two POV, Logan Junior and Jordan’s and it ended with a cliffhanger, but I hopefully won’t have a long wait for book two.


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