REVIEW: Don’t Howl At Me – GSC in Love #2- Katy Manz

Don’t Howl At Me Book Cover Don’t Howl At Me
GSC in Love #2
Katy Manz
Paranormal Witches, Wizards, Werewolves, Shifters
Sept 29, 2023


Alpha Wolf found his fated mate. Unfortunately, his one-night stand from the previous night had his newly-found mate running away before they could exchange more than names. Now, he has a second chance he refuses to waste.

Omega dragon shifter Ollie ran when he saw what a playboy his fated mate was. GSC sends Ollie back to his mate a year later to help locate a hidden enemy. Will they be able to find their way together, or will danger destroy them before they have a chance?

Don’t Howl At Me is the second book in the sweet with knotty heat MM shifter mpreg romance series: GSC in Love. It features an alpha wolf shifter who played the dating game a bit too freely, a runaway omega who realizes he made a hasty decision, a hidden for that is wreaking havoc on the shifters and witches in town, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

Review by Xanthe
Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another good story in the GSC in Love series from Katy Manz. I like that it’s a mixed species pairing, Wolf being a wolf shifter and Ollie being a dragon shifter.

Things definitely don’t start off well as when the two fated mates first meet, Wolf is just coming out of his hotel room having had a one-night stand. It’s then a calamity of exes who cause Ollie to flee in upset and hurt. Fast forward one year and we are at the point that the Survolar-Romano pack/clan needs help from the GSC after experiencing a flurry of physical, magical and cyber-attacks. Ollie takes the case knowing he needs to help his mate’s family and finally face Wolf.

I found that the relationship part of the story, especially when the two men reunited, moved a little fast for me considering they were separated for a year after what happened. I love a fated mates story and it seems like the two men fit each other perfectly, once they had gotten out of their own ways. Each sharing a family vision of the future and wanting that together, once the pack/clan are safe from who or whatever is attacking them but it’s a struggle to solve the case. There is a good amount of heat between the two and their connection grows through the story.

I really enjoyed their relationships with others, as well. Wolf clearly loves and adores his little nephew. It’s so sweet to see how much time he has for the little guy, always happy to take care of him. Wolf is also close to his brother, Romano, who found his fated mate in book one. Ollie has his best friend Alex, who is entertaining and quickly gets along with Wolf. I’m hoping he will be getting his own story soon.

The plot of the story focuses on the pack/clan being attacked again but this time the group cannot figure out why. It’s not until right at the end that things are revealed and the craziness, and money, of some people knows no bounds.

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