REVIEW : Enlightened Ice – Series Enlightened- V.K. Walker

Enlightened Ice Book Cover Enlightened Ice
Series Enlightened
V.K. Walker
Fantasy, Erotic, Psychic Fiction
ErotiKat Books
March 3, 2023

Wanted: One damsel in shining armour...

Imprisoned by circumstance, Aiden is at the mercy of one of the most evil Forsaken to have ever walked the earth, forced to do his bidding else suffer consequences too dire to contemplate. Alone and despairing, he longs for the touch of another, someone who can ease the torment of the nightmare he has been trapped in for far too long. But when she arrives, like a gift from the gods, he finds himself dragged even further into the depths of his own personal level of hell, forced to choose between love and all that he holds dear.

In search of a knight...

Due to a glitch in her powers, Shaylan has never been able to perform even the simplest of psychic tasks, causing her to have felt worthless her entire life. Now, not only has the one ability she could get right, that she was actually good at, been failing her, leaving her drowning in the mire of a self pity so all encompassing she feared that she would never find her way back out, but she seemed to be losing her ever loving mind. When finally the knight she'd been forever searching for arrives, instead of wearing shiny armour, he's clad in grease covered overalls, and, quite frankly, isn't in any position to do a damn thing to help her in her time of distress.

Thrown together against their will, their only hope is to overcome their demons in order to conquer the evil that threatens to tear them apart.

Review By Sherry Perkins

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

“Torq suddenly materialized less than two metresaway. Seriously, how did he do that?”—Enlightened Ice

Some books start less than ten pages in with sex. That’s okay. But somewhere into the affray, there needs to be an engaging story. Funny, tragic, fated mates, intrigue—something even if the sex was interesting enough.

Enlightened Ice is a tale about guardians and their associates, the Illuminati, empaths, healers, mind-sweepers, and the like. Plus, the bad guys. You know, the ones who are supposed to be good but turned into something entirely different, also known as the Forsaken.

The bad guy in Enlightened Ice is creepily bad. To tell you what makes him so creepy would be a spoiler. Suffice to say, he’s quite manipulative, abusive even. To those left in his wake, the trauma suffered is more emotional than anything else and as we know, emotional scars can have lasting effects far beyond what physical scars may cause.

So, where does that leave us? Oh, yeah, with Shannon and Aiden having sex. Again. Shannon whose name is also Shaylan, is the female main character. Aiden is the male main character.

Shannon has some baggage that she carries around with her. It occasionally intrudes into her job as an Illuminati. You remember the Illuminati, right? Those zealots in the Dan Brown novels, that’s them. Anyway, then there’s Aiden. Aiden intrudes into Shannon, quite a bit. Nonetheless, Aiden’s baggage is family. And it’s a lot of baggage.

The story would have been more interesting had it been a little less muddled. Some of that was undoubtedly due to the jarring multiple point of view accounts. I am usually a fan of multi-POV. Maybe the confounding part was more than a bit of backstory, family lineage, and the imposition of humans into the tale. It was too much exposition. On the other hand, the rampant sex might offset that, especially if it’s your preferred genre. Enlightened Ice is part of the Enlightened series. It probably reads better if you’ve invested in the characters and their development.

A three-star review for a story about enlightenment involving love, sex, the forsaken and those meant to be our guardians against ancient evil.

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