Review: Facade – Mai Nakawa

Facade Book Cover Facade
Mai Nakawa
YA/Contemporary Suspense
Heavenly Fangs Books
February 8, 2019

10 years. 10 years of beatings and harassment. Doll-like playing. Fear boiling just beneath the surface of every mask the three held. Alice, a downtrodden mother that refuses to admit. Luke and Ryan, unwilling chain to the man. One beating always a precursor to another.And one day, Arthur will pay.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Everyone lives with a mask over their true face, sad but with a smile to fool those around us, trying to appear richer than we are or happier than we are, we all have a facade but when the facade covers abuse it is truly sad and ruins the lives of those living it.

Twin boys Ryan and Luke live in a home that everyone thinks is perfect but the truth is that they live in Hell. Their father drinks and uses his fists against his wife and his son Ryan the good boy who always stands in front of his brother Luke to take the punishment. Luke manages to appear invisible so much so that his parents even forget to buy him clothes or give him food leaving it up to Ryan to look after him.

Ryan wears long sleeve shirts in summer to hide his bruises and finds a way to excuse the bruises on his face. Their mother Alice loves her abusive husband and doesn’t want to be looked at in a bad light in spite of what it does to her children. Ryan and Luke decide the only thing that they can do is run away packing a bag and taking $20.00. On their way they meet two girls claiming to be their Guardian Angels and that puts a slight paranormal twist to this story. It would be nice if the so called angels could make everything good but sometimes there is no controlling the outcome.

This is a book by a young new writer that was able to make me feel the plight of these two young boys. There are so many charities for the protection of animals and yet so many children are neglected and fall through the cracks and it breaks my heart. Children like Ryan and Luke’s biggest problems should be what to wear to school the next day and what their report cards will be like not a constant fear of being beaten.

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