Forbidden Dragon Book Cover Forbidden Dragon
Clair Cunningham
Mythological Metaphysical Fantasy Fairy/Folk Tale
Independently Published
August 1, 2019

Love has no place here.

She washed up on an island where the beasts are more likely to kill her than the waves battering against the rocks. Edrei's rescuer, Daygen, is one of twelve consorts off limits to anyone but the terrifying Queen of Pyrrhus. Brighid will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Betrayed by an angry brother and a jealous queen, Edrei's life hangs in the balance. Brighid will force Daygen's hand one way or the other. After all, he owes her. And she will come to collect on his debt.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When eighteen-year-old Edrei’s ship was attacked by pirates she lost her brother and parents and found herself fighting to keep afloat in the middle of the ocean. She finally landed on a beach but had no idea what awaited her.

Daygen is a dragon and when he finds a human girl on the beach of the Island of Pyrrhus he is shocked as to how she survived. Pyrrhus is the home of dragons and is protected from anyone finding it so the appearance of this human who survived all the safety precautions around the island made him determined to save her.

Daygen is one of twelve consorts to Queen Brighid, a ruthless leader and a leader he is sure will want the human girl killed. In order to save her he makes a bargain with the Queen, Edrei will become a slave and he must promise one favor which she will advise him of when the time comes. Daygen is the only consort who has refused to sleep with the queen and by law if he manages to stay away from her for five years he is free and he only has six months left. A consort can refuse the Queen and cannot be forced into servicing her unlike his twin who has secured the place as the number one consort.

Edrei now must spend the rest of her life living at the whims of a sadistic ruler and every minute of her day is spent slaving in one way or another. Trouble brews when Daygen and Edrei find themself caring for each other and showing affection to a human or to any other female would only enrage Brighid and when she is enraged she is lethal.

Unfortunately for Edrei and Daygen his brother has no use for a human and has no qualms about reporting what is going on to the Queen. What happens to Edrei, a human and the dragon she is falling for are not going to be revealed in this review. If you love dragons, romance and wonderful characters then this is a must read since it has it all.

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