Review: Forged Alliances – Katherine McIntyre

Forged Alliances Book Cover Forged Alliances
Tribal Spirits Book 1
Katherine McIntyre
Paranormal Romance Shifters
Totally Bound Publishing
November 13, 2018

Book one in the Tribal Spirits series – a newly edited version!

Sierra and Dax’s alliance is already rocky. He’s a cocky wiseass, and she doesn’t put up with bullshit. So, when a mating bond appears between them, it threatens to send them both running.

Sierra Kanoska fought hard for her position as wolf alpha of the Red Rock pack, and intruders in her territory receive the full brunt of what her claws, fangs and smarts can accomplish. So, when Dax Williams, de facto alpha of the Silver Springs pack, pays an unwelcome visit, Sierra’s ready to toss him out. However, the pack elders sabotaged Dax’s fight for alpha against his brother, driving him from his lands. Sierra hates underhanded crap like that, so she agrees on an alliance.

As they work together, she witnesses an alpha who wants to do right by his pack, not just a cocky wiseass. Their growing attraction blazes hot, but the moment she and Dax lock lips, a mating bond emerges. Sierra sure as hell isn’t ready to share that intimate connection with a stranger and the thought of forever sends Dax running.

Before they can talk, the Tribe commanding the East Coast shifters arrives to settle the dispute. Dax and his brother’s punishment for their pack’s civil war is a free-for-all on their lands. Not only does he have to defeat his brother, but any challenger in the region. Despite Dax and Sierra’s initial resistance, his wily charm relaxes her control-freak tendencies while her steadfast support bolsters his strength. Yet every new opponent places their newfound relationship under siege—one misstep, one wrong blow in the ring, and Dax could leave in a bodybag.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sierra Kanoska is the Alpha of the Red Rock Wolf Pack in Pennsylvania but her life would change when Dax Williams from the Silver Springs Pack comes into the Beaver Tavern that she inherited from the previous Alpha.

Dax Williams is a mountain lion who was in the middle of a challenge against his brother Drew for the role of Alpha when some of the elders stopped the challenge and threw Dax out of the pack and their territory. Half the pack followed Dax and the other half stayed behind with his brother, families were separated and alliances destroyed and now Dax is determined to take over his role as Alpha and reunite them all.

Dax has come to Sierra to ask for her help in reuniting his pack and vowing to be her ally for life. Sierra knows that having Dax and his group beholding to her is a good thing and after some investigation she agrees to his terms. What neither Alpha anticipated was the draw they had to one another, a draw that could only mean they are mates, but a mountain lion Alpha and a wolf Alpha together leading two different packs does not seem to be in the cards.

Fighting their attractions to each other while fighting to reunite Dax’ pack is hard enough but when Drew attacks using human weapons such as pipe bombs and guns instead of claws and fangs everything changes. With no other recourse Dax contacts the Tribe the governing group of shifters who rule over the entire East Coast to intervene. The Tribe’s decision is that anyone who wants to challenge for Alpha of the Silver Springs Pack can and the last two standing would fight for control, hopefully that would mean Dax and Drew.

Dax finally learns why his brother Drew always the favorite son was their father’s choice to lead the pack and he has to come to terms with why the elders of the pack threw him out. While the mating bond begins to pull at Dax and Sierra she realizes that she has to do whatever is necessary to ensure Dax wins. One challenge after another no matter the species, bear, wolf or anyone willing to fight for leadership and each challenge the author explains what is happening in such detail that I felt I was watching the fights from the sidelines.

Dax has to win at all costs because his pack and his relationship with Sierra are at stake and nothing is going to stand in his way if he can help it. Two strong willed, stubborn Alphas who fate has chosen to put together have to fight for themselves and for their packs. I loved this book and am anxious to find out who the next story is about. This had everything you could want from a shifter book and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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