Review: Forged Contracts – Katherine McIntyre

Forged Contracts Book Cover Forged Contracts
Tribal Spirits Book 3
Katherine McIntyre
Paranormal Romance
Totally Bound Publishing
April 9, 2019

When Jer kisses his best friend Raven, the feelings they’ve been avoiding surface—including secrets from the past that might destroy them both.

Jeremiah Taylor’s responsibilities as the new pack beta are crushing him, especially with the unpredictable mood shifts since his shaman-supplied bipolar meds ran out. It’s the combination for doing something stupid, like kissing the one woman he’s never let himself pursue—his best friend Raven Takahashi.

When Finn left the Red Rock pack, Raven’s on and off again fling took her safety net with him—the one barrier keeping her from the raw and real way she feels around Jer. The moment the Pandora’s box opens after they kiss, she can no longer deny the sparks between them or hide from the demons of her past.

And when one of those demons shows up in Beaver Tavern representing an anti-shifter group to take over their land, Raven’s secrets threaten to get dragged into the light, which could cost her everything—her friends, her pack, and her home. However, if she and Jer don’t thwart the anti-shifter group’s takeover attempts, the entire Red Rock pack might find themselves banished from their own land.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

In book two we first met Jeremiah (Jer) Taylor, the Red Rock Pack lawyer and now the new Beta. We also met Raven Takahashi and now we have their story. Jer is bipolar and has run out of his medicine leaving him fighting for control. He has always loved Raven, but she was always with Finn the prior Beta who left the pack with his new mate. Jer knows he has no chance with Raven but even if he did, he can’t forget he is broken. Being bipolar is a life time of misery for Raven and him even if she ever got over Finn and accepted him.

Raven has secrets, her past has left her as broken as Jer. Although everyone assumed she loved Finn, in reality it was always Jer—but he deserved better than her. Finn made her feel safe, but Jer set her heart on fire. Like Jer, she has kept her feelings for him buried, knowing he deserves better. Neither dares to express their true feelings.

When Christian Denzel, a coyote, comes into the bar all of Raven’s fears come to the surface because he is a part of the past she has buried for so long. Christian is working with the Coalition of Human Rights who are petitioning for the sale of Ricketts Glenn State Park, Red Rock Territory and now the pack has a fight on its hands and Jer is just barely holding on. Sierra, the pack alpha, assigns Raven to work alongside Jer to gather any information they can to use against the CHR.

While working closely together the inevitable happens. Jer and Raven kiss and there is no way they can fight the connection that one kiss created. However, both are stubborn and convinced they don’t deserve love. Once again, they lock away any feelings the kiss created. Jer is still convinced that Raven loves Finn and always will and Raven’s past has reared its ugly head in the arrival of Christian Denzel.

There is no doubt the Landsliders, the Red Pack’s enemy and the ones responsible for destroying the bar and killing some of the pack members are working with the CHR. Traps made of silver are discovered but the discovery happens when a small child is caught in one. Landmines are placed and now more than ever Jer and Raven have to get proof to bring to the authorities.

I am not going to reveal Raven’s past; it is something you have to read for yourself. Likewise, I am not going to go into any detail regarding Raven and Jer’s relationship or lack thereof. The fight between the CHR and the pack comes to a head and it was filled with edge of the seat excitement. If you haven’t started this series I highly suggest you do, it is everything you could want from a paranormal romance, sex, suspense, and amazing characters. This is actually my first shifter book where a wolf is bipolar, and it made for some interesting reading.

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