Forged Decisions Book Cover Forged Decisions
Tribal Spirits, Book 2
Katherine McIntyre
Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance
Totally Bound Publishing
January 1, 2019


Book two in the Tribal Spirits series

When Finn falls for Navi, a member of the East Coast Tribe, he’ll have to choose between the pack and family who saved him and the unforgettable woman who’s made her mark.

Ever since Sierra and Dax mated, forming their alliance, Finn has been restless in his position as beta for the Red Rock pack. So, when Navi, the gorgeous, lethal member of the East Coast Tribe, conscripts him to help break up the Landsliders’ drug-running ring, he leaps on the opportunity. As they work together, their attraction deepens to more than comrades and far more than a one-night stand. Except Navi isn’t sticking around town forever and Finn has his own responsibilities tethering him to the Red Rock pack.

When the trail to the drug ring leads them to the man who murdered Finn’s parents, Finn’s forced to confront the fears he’s buried and, in the process, the connection between him and Navi grows scorching and unforgettable. However, with an underground meth lab to bust and his parents’ murderer to take down, Finn throws his heart and soul into the fight, because he knows, even if he survives this, he’ll be forever marked by the goodbyes to follow.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Finn Kelly is the beta of the Red Rock Pack but ever since his alpha Sierra mated with Dax and brought their two packs together he has felt unnecessary. He constantly feels a need to leave but his loyalty to his pack and the fact that it is his home has kept him from leaving until Navi Tremere, a panther and a member of the East Coast Tribe, the ruling force among the shifters came looking for the Landsliders outposts.

Finn and Navi had a one night stand that neither of them could get out of their heads but Navi as Tribe knows her life is that of a nomad travelling from place to place keeping peace. When Navi asks Finn for help in tracking the meth lab the Landsliders are running and finding Mackey Kendricks who was once a part of the East Coast Tribe until he left to smuggle and run drugs betraying everything he once was and betraying the Tribe

Working together gives Finn the excitement his life was lacking and in addition his feelings for Navi grow every time they are together. Navi has taught herself to never expect finding love and a relationship but Finn is testing that belief every day. Finn had a troubled life growing up with parents who were drug addicts and who left him locked up in small hotel rooms constantly until the day he found them both dead at the hands of the biggest drug dealer in the area Rossi who he knew as Ace. Now that he knows that Rossi has returned to the area and is once again dealing drugs for the Landsliders he is determined to bring down the man who made him an orphan.

Eventually all of Navi’s reasons to resist Finn fall by the wayside and once they reconnect there is no stopping the sparks that fly. Unfortunately, there is one huge obstacle standing in their way, Navi is Tribe and Finn is beta so decisions have to be made after this job is finished. The chase is on to end the meth distribution, and find Mackey and Rossi and then deciding their future would be the next order of business.

Loved this book every bit as much as book one and anxiously look forward to more. Betrayal, sex, romance, edge of your seat suspense and some very hot shifters what more could you want from a paranormal romance.

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