REVIEW : Frat on a Hot Tin Roof – Bluegrass Boys Book #4- Shane Morton

Frat on a Hot Tin Roof Book Cover Frat on a Hot Tin Roof
Bluegrass Boys Book #4
Shane Morton
New Adult, Gay Romance, Gay Fiction
June 18, 2023

A freshman in chaos
The perfect fratboy

Hudson- I came to college and moved in with my boyfriend, Rob. It’s not been right for a while and everyone told me that it was a bad idea, but I felt like I owed him a chance to make it work. The biggest problem is that I was a legacy and joined a fraternity. The same one that dropped Rob last year. Now he’s angry and taking it out on me. I’m so ready to move on, but don’t know how. Then there’s the bro-crush I have on my frat big brother, Jax. He's about as hot as a frat boy can be, but I’m sure he’s straight. I could stare at him for hours, and for some reason he seems to really like me. Until I can be honest with Rob nothing matters anyway. Growing up is not for the faint of heart.

Jax- Watching someone go through the same thing you did your freshman year is trauma inducing. What’s worse is its my little brother in the frat, and I have a major crush on him. Pledging a frat and keeping on top of your classes is exhausting and time consuming. When you don’t have that support from the person who’s supposed to love you, it’s excruciating. How can I help him or give him advice for what he’s going through when I want him for my own? Hudson has to make his own decisions, and when he does – I’ll be waiting. Why did I have to fall for a freshman? When can I tell him that he's mine?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Hudson Cooper and Rob were boyfriends in high school, but Rob was one year ahead and the two were separated until Hudson graduated and joined him in college. During the year that they were apart Hudson began to realize that he and Rob didn’t want the same things, but Rob would cry and beg, and Hudson would give in. Despite his sister’s advice Hudson became Rob’s roommate.

Hudson’s dream was to join the fraternity that his grandfather and father were members of. He was a third-generation legacy, and the fraternity was ready to welcome him with open arms. Unfortunately, a year ago when Rob applied to the fraternity he was turned down. Now he is bitter about fraternities and wants Hudson to forget his dream of joining one. Hudson realized that Rob didn’t care what he wanted, he wanted his undivided attention and his time spent with him.

More and more Hudson begins to realize that he loves Rob but is no longer in love with him but ending their relationship is very hard for him. In addition to that Hudson is loving his time with the fraternity and is crushing over Jax Dixon, sex on a stick who volunteered to be his big brother. Jax has been attracted to Hudson from the minute he came to sign up for Pledge Week. Knowing that Hudson has a boyfriend he refuses to express his feelings, refusing to be responsible for breaking the pair up. Ending the relationship would be up to Hudson, who more and more knows that the end is coming.

My problem with this book was it dragged on and the focus of the story was Hudson trying to come to terms with ending his relationship which just went on and on. Despite all that Hudson and Jax were wonderful characters each keeping their feelings secret.

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