Review: Freckles – Amy Lane

Freckles Book Cover Freckles
Amy Lane
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
March 8, 2019

Small dogs can make big changes… if you open your heart.


Carter Embree always hoped someone might rescue him from his productive, tragically boring, and (slightly) ethically compromised life. But when an urchin at a grocery store shoves a bundle of fluff into his hands, Carter goes from rescuee to rescuer—and he needs a little help.


Sandy Corrigan, the vet tech who eases Carter into the world of dog ownership, first assumes Carter is a crazy-pants client who just needs to relax. But as Sandy gets a glimpse of the funny, kind, sexy man under Carter’s mild-mannered exterior, he sees that with a little care and feeding, Carter might be “Super Pet Owner”—and decent boyfriend material to boot.


But Carter needs to see himself as a hero first. As he says goodbye to his pristine house and hello to carpet treatments and dog walkers, he finds there really is more to himself than a researching drudge without a backbone. A Carter Embree can rate a Sandy Corrigan. He can be supportive. He can be a man who stands up for his principles!


He can be the owner of a small dog.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the sweetest story. Carter and Sandy are so earnest and honest. The angst level is super low, which is unique for an Amy Lane book, and made it one of those books that make me put down my kindle and give a happy sigh at the end. It is a short read. But with true Amy Lane style, it is packed with amazing characters and the best of happily ever afters. I truly loved Carter. His journey to feel like a “real dog owner” takes him on such an adventure. His heart is so good. And with the support of a puppy and a vet tech, he may just figure out he is worth it.

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