REVIEW: Haze – Rebecca Crunden

Haze Book Cover Haze
Rebecca Crunden
Fantasy and Futuristic Romance/Ghost Stories
Independently Published
February 20, 2021

When Eliza Owens gets a phone call in the middle of the night from a girl she’s never met, she doesn’t know what to think. The girl introduces herself as Paige, and says she used to date Erik Stern, Eliza’s fiancé. What’s more, she has something important to discuss.

The only problem? Paige has been dead for years.

Believing it to be a sick prank, Eliza tries to force it from her mind until Sam, Eliza’s older sister, tells her she met Paige only a few weeks before. And, according to Sam, Paige has nothing nice to say about Erik.

The fight which follows shatters the lives of everyone involved, and Erik disappears without a trace.

Five years later, Erik returns to town after his father’s death. Old wounds quickly resurface, and with them several burning questions. None the least of which is: Who spoke to Eliza and Sam if it wasn’t Paige? And why?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


I read the description of the book, I read the many reviews and decided to read a little even though I was sure I was going to pick up another book, well the next thing I knew it said, finis, so I have to admit that I truly loved the story and was glued from page one. It was a story about a young man and a young woman engaged and looking to a bright future but a tragedy would make their future one filled with pain.


At the age of ten, two young boys decided to attempt to summon the dead, actually one person, Erik Stern’s mother who was raped and brutually killed by his father. All Erik wanted was to see his mother one last time and with his friend Miles they gave it a shot but had no idea what the repercussions would be in the future.


Eliza Owens is nineteen and happily engaged to Erik until a phone call from Erik’s ex Paige requests her to meet so she can learn all about Erik. Unfortunately Paige is not the one to show up, it is Erik’s father demanding her engagement ring back and threatening her. When Eliza reveals who called her Erik explains that Paige was dead, she commited suicide so how could she have called.


Eliza’s sister Sam tries to warn her that Erik is probably just like his father and a scuffle ensues where Erik gives a slight shove to Sam which catapults her into a tree killing her. It was an accident that Erik couldn’t live with and so he left and didn’t return for five years. During that time Eliza became a drug user sleeping with her drug dealer for free drugs, her father became a hopeless alcoholic and her mother fell into a pit of depression. Sam’s death sent a once happy family and a once happy couple into the pits of Hell.


Now that Erik has returned he, Miles and Eliza set out to find out what actually happened to Sam, how a little push sent her flying and why Paige a dead girl is calling. Why are ghosts appearing, Logan, Sam and Paige. Why haven’t they moved on? Could this have anything to do with the actions of two young boys playing with something they knew nothing about?


Mystery, romance, drugs, alcoholism and a death that destroyed a young couple and a family. There were moments when secrets were revealed that nearly brought me to tears and once again I found myself saddened by the actions of people who care for no one and nothing.


I highly recommend this book, a book I wasn’t sure I would like and was surprised by how much I did. The secondary characters like Miles were wonderful and the main characters, Eliza and Erik needed to forgive and try to grab that life they dreamed about but did they.

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