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Her True Form Book Cover Her True Form
Yvette Vol. 1
Melody Avant
LGBT Fiction/YA
September 22, 2019

Yvette knows she's a girl, no matter how many people tell her she must be something else. Having spent most of her life studying the arcane arts she is finally prepared to face the greatest challenge of all. Becoming the woman she's always known she was meant to be. With only her magic and her bodyguard, Gervas, to protect her, she doesn't care if she has to fight dragons, undead or the entirety of the Mage's Association. She won't let anyone or anything stop her from fixing what should never have been broken from the beginning. Her True Form.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Yvette is a mage and is finally going from an apprentice to a journeyman. Being a journeyman is a dream come true, but there is one thing more important than that and that is for everyone to accept her. Born a boy named Tebaud, Yvette has constantly had to fight for acceptance as a girl because in her heart and mind she is a girl. Now her only chance of finally being her true self is to find a forbidden spell that will make her transformation permanent.

Yvette has chosen to be a traveling mage. As such she is assigned a guardian to travel with her and keep her safe, his name is Gervas. He is yet another person who refuses to call her Yvette. Time and again they fight over her name, and time and again he calls her Tebaud. She knows that the only way for her to get the spell she needs is to go on alone and when she transforms into a deer and runs she finds out just how dangerous traveling alone can be even in the form of an animal. Hunters shoot her with arrows and when she transforms back, realize what they have done and have to choice but to get rid of her. That is when Gervas comes to the rescue and it is not the first or will it be the last time he will do that.

Spending time together Gervas learns the truth about Yvette that she is not play acting, is not delusional and is a GIRL, and nobody is going to tell her otherwise. He begins to call her by her true name, the name she has picked for herself, Yvette. She begins to trust him and depend on him and for the first time in her life someone is calling her Yvette and believes she is who she says she is. He even defends her against those who laugh at her and call her a boy.

Set on a dangerous mission and not revealing her true purpose to Gervas, she begins a journey that could mean her death because stealing a spell would make her a fallen mage subject to death by any mage who sees her.

I have no idea what it is like to feel you have been born in the wrong body and constantly have to prove to people that it is not a joke. No human-being would put themselves through constant ridicule and always feeling you are a stranger in a strange body, but the author did such an amazing job of making me feel the pain that Yvette feels, and her hunger to be her real self even if it means death. A wonderful story and I can’t wait to see where Yvette’s journey takes her.

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