REVIEW : His Boyfriend The Caveman – R.G. Hendrickson

His Boyfriend The Caveman Book Cover His Boyfriend The Caveman
R.G. Hendrickson
Gay Romance, LGBTQ Romance, Gay Fiction
JMS Books
Jan 28,2023

Sequel to Call Me Methuselah

Dating a caveman isn’t what Radhi had in mind. He likes guys his own age. Sure, Oscar passes for twenty, but he isn’t. They look identical, but they’re not. Oscar’s tried telling him, but who would believe such a thing -- until now. Radhi can’t deny it anymore -- his ex-boyfriend’s a caveman.

After knocking out Dr. Killington’s thug and rescuing Oscar, Radhi’s worried he’ll get arrested. He launches his father’s boat on Lake Mead and knows the perfect hideout. He and Oscar can figure out what’s next for them.

When Dr. Killington learns the secret in Oscar’s blood, it gives Oscar two choices -- remain on the run, away from Killington, or turn himself in. Whether the FBI, FDA, or whoever, someone ought to know what Killington’s been up to. Experiments with Oscar’s rare stem cells have cured people and made them young again.

Cursed to see the end of days, Oscar can’t bear losing another loved one. If only Radhi could be with him when the world ends, but Radhi doesn’t love him.

Never having lost someone, death seems unreal to Radhi ... until a close encounter. Understanding mortality for the first time, he learns the meaning of Oscar’s gift and the threat of his curse. When Oscar shares adventures from the Stone Age, the surprisingly intimate stories draw Radhi in and change his heart. He knows what he must do.

Review by Xanthe

Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

His Boyfriend the Caveman is a sequel to Call Me Methusela, which I would highly recommend reading first as this book starts just before the final events of that book. I found that helpful to get into Radhi’s mindset for when he discovered Oscar was being held captive. Oscar is the man we have been following who has lived for thousands of years and has taken to writing his own memoir, which we get glimpses of throughout the books. Understandably, Radhi couldn’t believe that when it was revealed to him and so he left. Weeks later, he now returns to talk to Oscar having seen some information in the news but stumbles onto a hostage situation and, after rescuing Oscar, the two men go into hiding on a boat.

I was pleasantly surprised when I read Call Me Methuselah. It was different from anything I’d read before, and I enjoyed it more than I was expecting. The same cannot really be said for His Boyfriend the Caveman as I spent parts of the book frustrated with Radhi’s character. I was very happy to be reading more from Oscar’s past. We move on from his time with Arrow and he is now alone, drifting along the islands. He has come to terms with who and how he is There are many dangerous moments and some sweet as he makes an unexpected connection with another.

Oscar seems to have come to accept that he needs to turn himself in, maybe in the hope that his blood can help people but he’s also wary of the longevity that it could give people as well. He comes across as quite knowledgeable in a lot of things but then innocent in others. He has no idea what WiFi is and doesn’t get what could possibly be done to him is caught by the authorities. He’s an endearing character though and my heart hurts for the loves he has lost over time, you can feel how he is giving up on life, thinking that the foretold end of the world will soon be upon us.

When it comes to Radhi, he seems fickle in the decisions he makes or how quickly he will change his mind about something. As he is driving towards Oscar at the beginning there is frustration and anger towards Oscar and the apparent lie about being a caveman. The news report has made him slightly question things but by the time they have left the house after knocking out a henchman, he’s all in and taking Oscar away to keep him safe. I like his bravery in taking that step, wanting to protect Oscar from outside forces, but even in the moment he was getting frustrated with Oscar’s lack of urgency about the situation. This happens throughout as he goes from tenderness to annoyance.

The story moves along at a good pace, with the two men sharing a small space for a few days. They learn new things about each other whilst the reader and Radhi also gets more of Oscar’s history. The drama comes in the last quarter of the book as events bring danger to the two men and three big decisions must be made that could change both of their lives. One aspect came across as a dream sequence and it lost me there for a moment. When a fish starts talking to you, I’m going to question things. We’re left with a cliff hanger ending with both men having uncertain futures ahead.

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