REVIEW : Hunted Guardian -The Otherworld Guardians Book #2- Elisha Bugg

Hunted Guardian Book Cover Hunted Guardian
The Otherworld Guardians Book #2
Elisha Bugg
Demons and Devils, Witches and Wizards, Paranormal Romance
April 25, 2023

“Believe it or not, sweetheart, I’m not a monster.”

Erebus is on the run, hunted by a powerful mage who has marked him for death. He will do almost anything to keep himself alive — at least he thought he would. But he quickly discovers that he cannot outrun his fate forever.

Heleana is a witch and healer to the Guardians with a troubled and traumatic past. As she struggles to keep her people safe, she finds herself drawn to Erebus despite her deep-seated loathing for his kind.

The mage is closing in. Old memories and secrets resurface, and Heleana must choose whether to trust her head or her heart. The wrong choice will see them both at the mercy of this terrifying foe.

Contains scenes with gore and torture and scenes with graphic sexual encounters.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I would highly recommend reading book one first since so much of this book covers what occurred previously.

This is Erebus and Heleana’s story, a demon and a witch/healer both Guardians whose relationship begins with distrust and loathing. Heleana’s experience with a demon left her unable to bear children and a belief that all demons were alike, monsters.

Erebus is running from a mage who has marked him for death, and he hoped that Thane would be able to help. Thane is searching for Keri the vampire who was once his mate Anya’s friend and now an enemy determined to see her dead. Finding Keri is Thane’s first and foremost concern to keep his mate safe and it led them to a house where they discovered just how cruel Keri had become. A feeding room with two still alive and their healing the priority.

As the healer, Heleana is determined to keep the two survivors alive, one a shifter and one a fae. The fae’s fate depends on her receiving energy which Heleana knows Erebus can provide. Sure, that as a demon Erebus will expect payment, she is shocked when he wants nothing. As first everyone assumed the fae was a small woman, but she turned out to be a child and she became attached to Erebus her savior.

The shifter led Thane and Erebus to a barn where she remembered being taken from, a barn that Erebus remembers very well because it was where he found Anya and rescued her. Dark magic permeates this barn, and it becomes apparent that the hunters are working with witches and demons. Erebus realizes that he can’t rely on help from Thane but staying will just jeopardize them. The mage that condemned him wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone around him.

Heleana begins to see a different side of Erebus and her hatred turns into caring. Erebus on the other hand has always been attracted to Heleana and when she decides to find a way to break the curse, he leaves trying to protect her. Neither Heleana nor Erebus could ever imagine who the enemy is, demon, witch or hunter?

A book filled with amazing characters, I especially loved little Eira a fae who suffered greatly at the hands of Keri and who lost her entire family. Secrets, surprises, romance, wonderful characters and edge of your seat suspense.




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